4 Things To Know Before You Get Your Hair Extensions

A Hair salon has to offer a lot of extensions and they might leave you super confused instead of making your life easy and fun that you thought you were being handed. There’s a lot to look into when choosing to put on extensions. Number of people swear by it; it adds volume and you can play with it and style it all you want and many hair extensions salons offer them.

But what the salons won’t tell you are the major drawbacks that might make you regret having extensions and drawing a conclusion that maybe extensions just weren’t meant for you. Here you will look into certain things that you are going to have to consider before getting your hair extensions.

Choose Which Type of Extension Will Be Convenient For You

There are a number of extensions that you can choose from depending upon your lifestyle and convenience. There are certain permanent ones and non-permanent ones that require different sorts of maintenance.

  1. Clips: They are a huge savior when you need to pull off a certain style but you have too less volume for that. Simply clip them on in the right place so that the clips aren’t too visible and show off the abundance of lavishing hair that you have. However they demand maintenance like any other extension and you simply not sleep on it. Literally in fact, you better not sleep with clip hair extensions on. They might hurt you in the middle of the night by poking you in the skull, so make sure to take them off before going to sleep.
  2. Tape: Hair extensions that uses tapes as medium to stick to your head are in fact quite convenient for whatever the occasion. They are easy to hide and come in all sorts of material. They can be worn for a long period of time after being worn from hair extension salons. What you need to be careful about is though, that you don’t live in an extremely humid and hot place or you don’t exercise all that much. Anything that causes you to sweat will decrease the adhesiveness of the extension and it will thus come off.
  3. Wigs: Though not popular as extensions, they offers their own purpose. Wigs are used when you want to totally hide your original hair (or baldness) or want to get a totally different hair style.

Choose the Right Extension

If you’re not getting your extensions professionally done or in a hair salon then you need to make sure that the extension that you are getting perfectly match with your hair. From the right shade of your hair color to the texture off it. It better be the same or else it will be fairly obvious that you are wearing fake hair.

Every Extension Type Has Their Own Type Of Maintenance

Extensions come in various types, from virgin hair, to regular synthetic hair extensions. There are a lot of options to choose from considering how you want to style them. Exposing you extensions to a lot of heat is never a good idea. Synthetic hair extensions will melt down and stick to one another while human hair extensions will simply be damaged. Thus it is best if you buy at least two extension sets for different styles.

Also, very much like your real hair they too demand cleaning but in its own unique way. If you must shampoo them, then use mild shampoos as they are not subject to the oil from your scalp.

Don’t Let Extensions Damage Your Hair

We have heard many time that people say extensions have damaged their hair. But let us tell you the truth about it.

Hair extensions are not your real hair. When you wear or remove them, you need a professional to do it without damaging your hair. If you are doing it yourself or someone with less skills in that subject is doing, it will result in hair damage.

Also, you should know when to let go of hair extensions. Know the lifespan of hair extensions and get rid of them when it’s time and buy new ones to avoid damage to your hair. Moreover, hair salons like Salon M also recommend to avoid wearing extensions that are too heavy.

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