Outdoor Fireplace Contractor – Importance of Outdoor Fireplace Care

There is an increasing demand for the services of an outdoor fireplace contractor, mainly because outdoor fireplaces have become the latest trend in home improvement projects. There are numerous styles, materials, and sizes available today which can perfectly complement any backyard space. Fireplaces carry such an amazing eye appeal, and once built outside, these fixtures can produce a unique warmth which further improves your level of comfort during colder evenings.

If you think it’s the only thing you have to know when it comes to outdoor fireplaces, you better think again. Anything which creates live flames requires appropriate amount of maintenance, care, and precaution for you to safely enjoy it.

Safety First When Using Outdoor Fireplaces

Every time you burn a fire, safety must be the first thing on your mind, not only for people near the fire but also for the houses and vegetation around the area.

  • Don’t leave fire burning unattended. Fire spreads faster than what you think.
  • Don’t use an accelerant for starting a fire. Harmful accelerants include lighter fluid, gasoline, kerosene, as well as other flammable compounds. Don’t store or keep these products anywhere close to the outdoor fireplace.
  • Don’t use chemically treated logs since during a burn, these can emit possibly dangerous toxins into the air. Never burn wood that has been stained, painted, or glued. Choose dry or seasoned wood in their natural state.

Specific Maintenance and Care Tips

  • Outdoor and indoor fireplaces alike need regular maintenance. It entails inspection and cleaning of the firebox and chimney done by an expert service provider. Creosote deposits can accumulate in the chimney when you burn wood in the fireplace, and this can lead to fire.
  • A chiminea functions similarly to an outdoor standalone stove. Once used outside, don’t put the unit near living structures such as your house as well as other inflammable objects such as shrubbery or fences. Avoid moving this chiminea before you completely extinguished the fire.
  • Get the services of a reliable chimney sweep to check the chimney and remove any obstructive leaves, twigs, birds’ nest, as well as other debris which could be ignited.
  • When you use a fire pit, remember that longer burning times might cause deterioration on the base of the unit. To keep embers and sparks from getting outside the pit and blowing all over your yard, you can cover the fire using a safety screen.

Follow these simple tips to care for your outdoor fireplace and outdoor brick barbeque to avoid your investment from going down the drain. Lagrass

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