7 Things You Must Know Before Getting Hair Extensions

There are so many things that you should know before getting the hair extensions. This hair accessory is gaining a lot of popularity and even celebrities are openly wearing hair extensions to get the desired look. If you are totally new to hair extensions, then the below mentioned information can be really very useful to you.

Things to know about hair extensions

#1: Not every hairstylist has experience with hair extension. That is why it is important to choose a hair stylist who is expert of hair extension. Only an experienced hairstylist can correctly install hair extension in your hair.

#2: It is possible to cut, trim, color, curl, straight and wash the hair extensions! You can mold this hair accessory according to your needs and specifications.

#3: Hair extensions are of two types- human hair extensions and artificial hair extensions. The human hair extensions amalgamate with natural hair and look more real. While artificial hair extensions are made up of synthetic material, so they can be spotted in the hair.

#4: Human hair extensions are more expensive as compared to synthetic hair extensions. So, analyze the extensions before purchasing them.

#5: If someone tells you hair extensions do not damage the hair, he or she is lying to you. Hair extensions can damage your natural hair.

#6: Different hair extensions are attached in different ways. For example clip in hair extensions have clips for attachments.

#7:  In order to preserve the beauty of hair extensions for a long period of time, proper care and maintenance is mandatory. You need to wash and comb your hair extensions on a regular basis. Never ever store tangled and dirty extension…. They may become useless!

Hair extension salons

If you want to buy best hair extensions, then opt for hair extension salons. Hair extension salons have grand stock of a variety of hair extensions. You can easily find desired hair extension in the hair extension salon. You can also find the apt hairstylist in such salon. Here, stylists know how to adequately attach extensions. So, purchasing hair extensions from the hair extension salon is a total WIN-WIN deal.


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