4 Signs You Have The Wrong Seller’s Agent DC

When you are looking to sell a house, you need to ensure that you hire the right seller’s agent. Unfortunately, many people end up with the wrong realtors. As you might have guessed, this leads to bad experiences. Do you want to know whether you have the wrong contractor in your hands? Here are some of the signs that you should look out for:

The house pricing is off

One of the major determining factors of how fast a house sells is its price. Due to this, many reputable sellers’ agents are cautious of the price that they put out there. Some realtors only want to make the homeowners happy; therefore, they place the houses at ultra-high prices.

Do you know what happens? The house sits in the market for a long time. For you to ensure that the house sells fast, you should price it appropriately. Due to the attachment that most homeowners have with their houses, they tend to value them too high; therefore, when they are given a high figure by their realtors, they go ahead with it. This is wrong.

For your house to sell fast you need to price it appropriately. This calls for you to do your research about the right price for the house. One of the best places to get the price is from other realtors.

You should ask a few of them and compare the price with the one that your realtor has given you. As rule of thumb, you shouldn’t go with an overpriced house.

You should note that realtors that price houses too high tend to have a bad reputation with their peers; therefore, they are less likely to get referrals. This means that your house is more likely to go a long time without getting sold.

When you realize that your realtor has overpriced the house, you should fire them and get another one.

The realtor has taken poor photos

There is no substitute for quality photography when selling a house. When you have poor photos, you tend to put off the buyers which greatly decrease your chances of selling a house.

For your house to stand out and shine, you need to ensure that the photography is top notch. A poor agent will take poor quality photos with a camera and this will spell doom for you.

For the house to sell fast you need to take high-quality photos. A quality, good agent should hire professional photographers to take quality photos that will give your house a great look.

The agent is a poor communicator

You can tell whether a real estate agent is right for you by their communication skills. A good agent should keep in touch with a seller throughout the selling process. If you are the one who keeps on reaching out to the agent, the agent has a problem and its time you started thinking about getting another agent.

A good agent should keep you in the loop when there is an activity in your house. If the agent simply lists the house and disappears, you are in trouble.

The agent insists on being at every house showing

It’s good for the realtor to be available at the house showing, but he/she should not be available at every showing. When you have a realtor who is available all the time, it means that he/she has a lot of time on their hands or they don’t want you and the buyer to interact freely.

If you have hired the realtor and you notice these traits, you are better off without them. Get another one!

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