Types of Hair Extensions

Fusion hair extensions are current trend in hair styling. Hair extensions are used for styling since ages. It would be interesting to note that hair extension have its roots to 3400 BC in history used by famous queen of Egyptian civilization Cleopatra. Hair extensions would enable you get a makeover with simple changes with hair. There are different types of hair extension available in market that can be chosen according to your style and comfort requirement.

Bonded Hair Extension

Bonded hair extensions are special type of extensions that are bonded or glued to hair with the help of special glue or keratin adhesive. These extensions are fixed with hair at the roots and would appear like natural extensions. These extensions may take time to fix up with hair, but once done it would not have major issues. There would be a maintenance work required to be carried on that takes care your extensions. Few visits to your hair salon would be required to get these extensions.

Clip-In Extensions

Clip-in extensions are simple kind of clips that can be attached to hair without any issue. It can be attached and detached as per requirement. There is no requirement to visit a hair salon to get this fix. It is easy to carry around and manage these extensions. One can wash hair easily after removing these clips and can again attach them whenever required. This is the simplest type of hair extension available in market.

Micro-Bead Extensions

Micro-bead extension is done to hair with help of single strand beading. This extension would be fixed to your hair with the help of a bead to your hair strand. There is no requirement for heat or glue to fix these extensions. Once done you can easily wash, moisturize your hair without any issues. There would be no harm caused to beads with regular washing and cleansing. This type of extension is a worry free extension and needs to be done in a saloon.

These are three main varieties of hair extensions available in market. One can also find other types of hair extensions like sallys hair extensions salon rockville weave hair extensions, tape hair extensions, etc. Hair extension is a great way to increase volume and appearance of hair. Most of the hair extensions for the hair are safe and non-harming. But if a few types of extensions use any chemicals or other material for hair, a proper care regime for health of hair should be maintained.

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