5 Lifestyle Changes For Insomniacs To Improve Sleep

Insomnia is a very common sleep disorder among a lot of people, and it can take a huge toll on your lifestyle as well as mental health if you don’t go to a sleep doctor specialist chevy chase soon. Here are some things you can do to improve your sleep as an insomniac.

Limit Alcohol And Caffeine Consumption

You might have this time and time again, but it is true, which is why it is stressed upon a lot. For insomniacs, caffeine, and alcohol before bedtime is bad. It doesn’t help you sleep at all if you are already having problems snoozing off. Caffeine and alcohol spike up your blood sugar and make your heart beat faster. It also prompts your brain to stay awake, even though your body is exhausted. Caffeine and alcohol stimulate your brain and causes it to stay awake. So, if you are an insomniac, then caffeine and alcohol are not your best friends before bedtime.

If you must consume coffee or caffeinated drinks, then you should consume them a fair but early before you plan on falling asleep. The effect of caffeine will soon die down after some time. But, it is best if you omit alcohol and caffeine altogether before bedtime.

Be Serious About Your Daily Schedule

A sleep routine keeps you on top of everything right? The same applies for your sleep as well. You can’t expect to be fully awake and vibrant and fresh, if you haven’t slept all night long. For insomniacs, this is a major problem.

Even when insomniacs go for their sleep diagnosis, the first tip or suggestion they get from their doctor is to set a routine for themselves. This will allow the body and brain to adapt and a signal will be sent to the brain knowing that it’s time to sleep or to get up. Having a set time at which you go to bed, no ifs and buts, and also having a set time, when you get up will help you to set a better routine for yourself.

Try Meditation Before Bed

Meditation is proven to help you fall asleep and make you less anxious. Insomnia is also caused by stress and anxiety, so trying to keep your mind at ease, when it comes to sleeping can be very hard. This is where meditation will come in handy. Meditation makes you present in the moment and makes your mind still. You only focus on your breathing and this is a great exercise for your brain as well. This will keep you calm and improve your sleep. All it takes is a bit of practice, and you will get better at it within no time at all.

Exercise During The Day

Exhausting your body is also a great way to make it tired and lethargic, ready for sleep. But it is best to do exercise at the break of the day or in the afternoon. If you do exercise near your bedtime, it will be doing you more harm than good. Exercise wakes up your body at first, but then slowly, it makes the body feel tired and lethargic. This allows you to have a good night’s rest. If you exercise near your bedtime, then you will feel a burst of energy, and you will not be able to fall asleep faster.

Aroma Therapy

There are tons of essential oils that can cater towards sleep. Lavender is a very soothing scent, and it helps to calm your mind down. If you are having trouble sleeping, then trying essential oils is a good idea. You can research it more to see which essential oils will help to calm you down and make you sleep well. Mostly lavender and a blend of other minimal scents are amazing for bedtime. They are available in roll-on and sprays. You can either put them on your pressure points or spritz them.

There you have it! These tips are simple and don’t require a lot of modification to implement in your daily life. These tips will make sure that you sleep soundly at sleep clinic silver spring any difficulty. However, if these don’t help, go to an insomnia clinic and get medical treatment.

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