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Enticing Desserts Straight From The Grill

When you thought that after you’ve chosen that wonderful outdoor grill is that all you can cook are regular meals and snacks guess you are missing something. Because that outdoor cooking partner you got there can also make mouthwatering desserts for you. Your trusted patio builders can set up your cooking space in a perfect outdoor set up you’ve always wanted. So while the grill is heating up you can also start preparing your smoking outdoor desserts that will place your backyard gathering on the map. No one will dare to pass from grabbing a serving of your sweet grilled treats.

Your List of Sweet Grilled Courses For Your Backyard Gathering

If your friends know you for being one of the best outdoor chefs then this time you can also surprise them by presenting yourself as a dessert chef too.


A perfect dessert to eat and share with friends over a campfire. These hand pies are packed with everything you wanted in a smores: graham crackers, chocolate, and lots of marshmallows! Plus with the pie dough embracing everything as you grill it is just perfect to heat up and melt the gooey filling inside.


This dessert just leveled up that classic sundae. Grilled over medium-high heat, glazed Cinnamon pears placed above glazed doughnut on the grill. With a scoop of that creamy vanilla ice cream added on top of the duo and a decadent finish of lush caramel syrup, this sweet treat is a bomb.


If you wanted to take out the ordinary from a pound cake take it to the next level by grilling it! By the way, you can also use any leftover cakes you have in the fridge. Use foil packs to grill those tiny berries, mix in some lemon juice, sugar, lemon zest, butter, and cornstarch. Plate them all together and use the fruit syrup from the foil as your final glaze.


Grilled pineapple is something that will complete your sweet cravings. Soak fresh pineapples in a concoction of cinnamon, rum, and brown sugar, then place it on top of the grill. The remaining pineapple sauce can be used to season your dessert after a scoop of ice cream over the grilled pineapple.

  • GRILLED BANANA BOATS WITH A TWIST (Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chips, and Marshies)

This is a fun dessert for both kids and kids at heart will love to munch and do. Stuff the peanut butter, chocolate chips, and marshmallows inside the banana and place it on the grill. You can actually be more creative about the filling and explore more combinations you can stuff in your banana boat.


A no-bake sweet grilled treat that you can easily assemble and serve even for larger guests. It will only take you minutes to prepare and you can even have your kids prepare it too. Just don’t forget the whipped cream or other dipping creams that you prefer.


A grilled cobbler? Why not. A cobbler stuffed with lots of fresh fruits and loaded with biscuits of your choice on top is a dessert you can cook using your cast iron skillet. Serve this enticing cobbler with a scoop of ice cream on top.


Set your bread slices on top of the grill. Spread your raspberries, and chocolate squares or bars on the bread and cover it with the remaining bread slices. Coat both sides of the sandwich with butter, then continue grilling.


Wanted to try a gourmet-style dessert? Prepare a mixture of brandy and lime and pour it over a bed of gingersnaps topped with plums and apricots. Grill them in an aluminum foil pouches and serve it with a scoop of ice cream.

Excited for dessert? Who wouldn’t be excited to try these scrumptious confections will nail your patio party no matter what the occasion or season is.  Ask your outdoor kitchen contractors Long Island to set up space where you can cook all kinds of grilled dishes from appetizers, main courses to desserts.  Utilize your cooking prowess and explore more recipes that you can create using your grill and let everyone be the judge. Bon appetite!

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