How to get glamorous hair with a simple hair extensions methods?

In our hair salons, a special place takes hair extension studio. After visiting us you can go out only with a beautiful, long, lush hair…

What hair salons offer?

In our studio, we offer the largest selection of different type of extensions, i.e. all types of installation. You can get free advice from our experts for any extensions that you want to have, long lasting or wavy hair, we will find the perfect hair for you.

Our team of trained professionals will suggest the best and most beautiful way for installation of extensions and make an agreement with you.

The extensions are made of 100% natural hair, and with a proper care can last a long time without losing the brilliance and quality. Here we present five types of installation extension that we do in our studio:

Large selection of hair extensions

We offer different types of extensions, and we present here the simplest ones:

  1. Individual extensions

Individual extensions have so far been the most common system of extension hair. Small wisps using keratin (a protein that is a part of your hair) are connected with your hair. Keratin is melted with a hot soldering iron, which is heated to a temperature of less than 160 degrees.

It usually takes 100 packs of extensions(100 gr), which depends on several factors; length, thickness and the structure of your hair. Single extensions can be flat or corrugated.

  1. Double hair

This system we usually recommend for several reasons:

  1. a) the process of the application takes only 35 minutes
  2. b) the kit consists of 5 tapes that replace over 100 individual extensions that are arranged on the head glued with a keratin compound.
  3. c) after a certain time it’s possible to take them off (the same process of removing is much faster) and move along the root of the hair and use later (for example, in the case when you go to the sea).

So, double hair system is an application with the fastest professional system in the world, and provides multiple uses (removing and installation) as opposed to the individual that once you remove, you can’t use it again.

  1. Clip in hair extensions

Clip in hair extensions rockville is the quick way to applicate new hair without glues to have much thicker hair.  It’s an inexpensive way to get a glamorizing appearance of your hair and protect your hair.

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