Shoulder Replacement – The Procedure and Care

Shoulder surgery is an ultimate solution of any severe ailment of shoulders. Any kind of fracture or damage in any part of the bone, specially the ends can be treated well successfully with the process of surgery. The modern day treatment involves the replacement of the shoulder. Though it sounds a very complex process, it is not certainly that complex. The bones of the shoulder is one among many complex joints but a patient recovers fast once the surgery is done successfully. Here in this article you will get to know in details about the procedure of the shoulder replacement.

Details of the shoulder replacement procedure

Shoulder replacement denotes to replace the ends of the bones of the shoulder joints. A new joint surface is created by this procedure. An orthopedic specialist replaces the damaged end of the bones. The surgeon caps the ends of the bones with materials made up of plastic and metal. The components of the shoulder joints are to be placed in their respective places with the help of the cements. These cements are usually made of special materials that will allow the growth of the new bones. The new growth of the bones would help to hold the joint in position. There are few more procedures that are to be done by the surgeon to make the surface secure with the artificial surface. The whole process takes about one to two hours.

The post surgery care

  • There are a number of steps of the post surgery care of the shoulder that has been replaced. The physician or the surgeon would guide you through them. The patient must be under the vigilance of a trained person as there are few medical supports to be left.
  • After the surgery is done the patient receives an intravenous injection and some antibiotics are also given. This process goes on for at least two days.
  • The anesthesia during the surgery may make your shoulder feel insane for few days. There is no reason to get panicky in such situation. You may also be constipated or have an upset stomach for few days post the surgery.
  • Once the effect of the anesthesia is gone the shoulder of the patient will be bandaged with a channel to allow the flow of the liquid. This liquid must not accumulate in the joint area.

Under, post shoulder replacement woodbridge va the therapist will start working up on your shoulder after one or two days of the surgery.

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