How to repair brick chimney?

Cracks or damages in your brick chimney can cause hazardous situations so timely chimney brick repair by chimney sweep contractor is important. Brick chimneys can be damaged due to the external environmental factors so they require thorough cleaning and repairing procedure to extend the life of chimneys. No doubt chimney is an essential part of your home so you should be aware of its maintenance and repairing methods. Generally this task doesn’t take much time and efforts; it can be done easily by simply sealing bricks and adding chimney cap.

Identify the repair points of chimney

Firstly, you need to identify the repairing points or the damaged points of the chimney so that you can perform the next steps accordingly. Clean all the debris, bricks pieces or any other material. For this you need some tools like hammer and chisel. With the help of chisel, identify the loose bricks and remove them. Now you will get so many repair points so it’s time to remove the debris of these points and moisten them with the help of sponge. You also need to moisten the bricks before fixing at the place of damaged bricks.

Chimney’s repairing points

Mortar mixture is applied into the damaged chimney joints with the help of trowel. Remove the excess of the mortar mixture with pointed side of trowel. Apply this mixture on the bricks that you are going to use for the replacement of damaged bricks and put these bricks at the required spots. Let the chimney dry for some days.

Fixing crowns:

Now with the help of chisel, remove the damaged mortar lining of the crown. Make a pea gravel and masonry cement mixture and apply it on the chipped crown.

Lastly, Tuck-point the brick:

This is essential for the removal of old and crumbling mortar. It also includes the re-application of the mortar in the required areas.

How chimney companies make this task easy?

Professionals always perform their job in easier way in comparison to us or normal peoples. No doubt, chimney repairing can be done by you by following these steps but it is always advisable to search for the best chimney company near me or chimney sweep near me owings mill. These companies have experienced professionals who perform their job efficiently and within lesser time. These people have years of experience in chimney cleaning, repairing and maintaining tasks so you can be assured that your brick chimney will be repaired in a best way.

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