Time To Bring The Halloween Vibe In Your Home

One of the festivities that many homeowners are preparing for every year is – Halloween. This is the season where homes celebrating this season decorate their indoor and outdoor façade with items and decors related to Halloween and other spooky themes making the place more spookier.  A Halloween themed home addition design is what you should prepare for since it’s what Halloween is known for – to scare. But that’s all in the past now, because Halloween has been given a different meaning and purpose –  it is to remember your departed loved ones and trick-or-treating for the kids!

But before we move forward to your Halloween decorating plans, let’s have a glimpse of its history and how everything ended up with lantern carvings, costumes, and a whole lot of candy buckets.


  • October 31- the birth of Halloween which means “Hallowed Evening” or “All Hallow’s Eve” or “All Saint’s Day (Nov 1)” – they all have common meaning “Hallows” = “Saints”.
  • “Halloween” was decided to be the shortened name.
  • October 31 – the day of the festival of Samhain, where people observed and believed that this world and the other side are connected and are also end of the month where they say prayers for their departed loved ones.


  • During the holiday of Samhain, many believed that the Celts wear costumes during the celebration, made lanterns, and share a festive meal.
  • When Christianity took over, they still keep the tradition which ways become modern too.
  • Ancient rituals eventually concentrated on fun and games.
  • Mirror-gazing is also an ancient “Halloween” ritual
  • Messages written by people are folded and placed inside a walnut shell like a fortune-cookie type.


  • It started when children dress up as saints and recite chants or songs from door to door within their neighborhood.
  • Kids during that time ask for “soul cakes”, similar to a biscuit.
  • Costumes started with dress-up-like-a-saint until the Scottish and Irish people changed the custom into scary-looking costumes to scare people within their neighborhood.


  • Still very popular in the whole USA.
  • Is being celebrated with lots of candy, sweet treats, and cute costumes.
  • Houses are amazingly decorated with lots of spooky and pumpkin decors.

So much for a little trivia about the roots of Halloween, it’s about time to dress up your home to welcome the All Hallow’s Eve.


  • Creepy centerpieces.

Load up your home with succulents of different shapes and sizes and place them in crafted-pumpkin pots perfect for the Halloween season.

  • The balloon backdrop.

Create a backdrop and a photo area at the same time. Make use of orange balloons of different sizes and run your artistic side. Place it near a plain wall and it’s all set.

  • Set up a creepy bar.

Wrap large balloons with a black tulle, bond the base with a ribbon and tie them around your bar area or bar table. As for your assorted wine bottles, print labels with a rustic touch using sticker papers. Design your wine glasses with blood stains using nail polish or stickers to complete your creepy bar get up.

  • Decorate your porch.

By using either real (no-carve) pumpkins or fake ones, place them in your porch with fake glasses, mustache, bow-ties, and hats attached to them. It will bring a little humor to your guests and to the trick-or-treating kids.

  • Weave your own web.

Another common Halloween symbols are the web and spiders. Using a black string or yarn, create a web-like artwork on your wall or on a mirror with plastic spiders hanging or attached to it. Include some candles and ripped linens to complete the creepy effect.

  • Use your old jars.

Make use of any jars that are just sitting in your storage room and make them stand out this Halloween. Fill some of the jars with blood-like liquid with plastic fingers inside, or use artificial autumn leaves and place them inside the other jars for a more traditional look.

There’s probably a lot of ideas clouding your mind right now and you just can’t wait to execute them. The home addition companies DC can perhaps help you set up an autumn/Halloween look inside and outside your home. This tradition is something every family is looking forward to, especially the children who are excited to collect their candies and other goodies and bring them home. So make their experience count every time they go trick-or-treating in your house.

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