10 Awesome Deck Ideas

The exterior or backyard of the house, oftentimes, is left boring and plain. If you want to hire deck contractors for backyard improvement, then these deck ideas are perfect to consider. They will add a wonderful appeal and make your house stand out.

Nature-Proof The Deck

As the weather gets warmer, the evenings on a deck may sound pretty good, but you know what doesn’t sound good at all? Mosquitoes and bugs, that are out for your blood, literally. So, in order to make the deck nature-proof, you can have screens installed all over the perimeter of the deck.

This is going to ensure that you enjoy the cool evenings without becoming a feast for the bugs. You can also decorate the outside of the screens with plants and greenery to make it look cozy and a part of the outdoors.

Install A Hot Tub

A deck is the perfect place to install a hot tub. A hot tub isn’t common in a lot of houses and it will add a spa-like feel to your deck. There are so many kinds of hot tubs available these days and the material options are endless as well. If you want to capture the rustic appeal of the outdoors and make your deck look like a part of nature, then you can opt for a wooden hot tub.

The wooden hot tub can be placed either in the center or the side, depending on your preference, nonetheless, it will look like it belongs outside and you can also take a dip in it when you feel like enjoying the outdoors while getting an invigorating spa squeezed in as well.

Outdoor-Appropriate Furniture

You can dress up your deck with unique furniture as well, but one thing that you need to take care of, is the fact that it needs to be appropriate for the outdoors, meaning that it should be able to endure the hot temperatures of the sun, the water damage from rain as well as the wear and tear due to wind.

You can get interesting designs of furniture these days, which actually double up as deck decor. The designs are not only modern but minimal as well and they don’t look overbearing at all.

Play Around With Materials

A great idea for making the deck look show-stopping is the mixing and matching of different patterns, textures, and materials. This may sound weird, but the juxtaposition of different materials and patterns is like a puzzle, which, once put together, will look complete and beautiful.

You can incorporate natural and synthetic materials, like wood and nylon, natural stones and tiles, and more to make your deck look distinct and unique. Each material will add a different dimension of depth to your deck and it will look beautiful in the end. So, the next time you want to play around with materials, then this deck idea is the one to go for.

Add Some Warmth With A Fireplace

A great deck essential would be an outdoor fireplace or a fire pit. A fireplace will not only give you much-needed warmth in the dead cold of winter, but it will also ensure that your deck looks beautiful and rustic. There is just something about a fireplace that looks extremely luxurious and ethereal, that will make you want to spend all of your time on the deck.

A great thing about a fire pit is that it’s a perfect way to make S’mores and make you feel like you’re out camping without having to move a muscle.

Make It Cozy

There’s nothing better than feeling cozy and bundled up. One way to embody this character in your deck is to make the place look warmer and more welcoming. It doesn’t need to be perfect, by any means. The deck can have warm lights, comfortable furniture, and an extension of your house. When you step onto this deck, you will feel like you are being embraced by coziness and that’s the best feeling ever.

Everyone’s definition of cozy is different. Some people want the place to be peaceful, while some want the deck to be a place where they can relax and enjoy the beautiful outdoors. So, this idea is versatile and it can work for a lot of people.

A Resort Style Deck

If you want to bring a vacation resort to your home, then you can design your deck in this way too. This idea is perfect for decks that connect with pools or a body of water because it adds to the entire resort’s appeal. You can have pool-friendly lounging chairs and ottomans on the deck.

You can also decorate the perimeter, using bamboo and other natural-looking materials. This is going to make your deck look like a fancy and luxurious resort. This is a very unique design for a deck and people will turn their heads to admire the beauty of your house if installed by expert deck and pool house builders Port Jefferson.

A Minimal Deck

If you don’t want to go too crazy with the deck and you have more of a simple taste in design, then this idea is perfect for you. A minimal deck is barely there, but the outlook of this idea will look splendid, especially combined with the beauty of the outdoors. You can have simple and neutral-colored furniture placed on the deck, along with some tables.

You can also border the deck with a thin wood railing that will enclose the space beautifully while giving it a characteristic look, which we all know and love. This deck design idea is not only pleasing to look at, but it’s more functional and practical for all you minimalists.

Darken Things Up

Another great way to make your deck stand out is to darken the colors and materials. This will not only make your deck look breathtaking, but it will also make that area stand out more. A lot of the time, people will expand their interior design outside on the deck as well, but adding that dark element will really bring out the design of the deck even more.

So, whatever design you wish to go for, try to opt for darker colors, so that it can deepen the look entirely. Darker colored furniture, dark wood trims, and more are easier to maintain and they will withstand the outdoors as well.

Swings On A Deck – A Modern Approach

Swings on a deck or porch may seem weird at first, but it is a fun way to add a beach house element to your deck. Swings are great for kids and they will have a fun time on them.

Swings also make the house look welcoming and modern and if you opt for a simple swing design, then it will make your house look even more beautiful. You’ll just have to try it to see the appeal for yourself.


If you’re having a hard time trying to find the perfect style for your deck, then fret no more. These deck ideas include minimal, classic, and trendy designs, which will make you fall in love with your house. Consult deck builders Port Jefferson who will guide you through the process and help you choose the right type, design, and material for your deck.

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