Five short hair wedding hairstyles that brides need to try

The wedding is that occasion for a bride where she wants to look at her best. The outfit should look perfect so do her hair, but what if the bride just chopped her hair a few months ago? What if a bride has a short haircut? How will she carry her short haircut on the wedding day? To simplify the tension on how to style short hair for the wedding day, we have listed some exclusive bridal hairstyles which are meant for short hair ladies.

Headband Hairdo

If you are looking for a simple hairdo which is easy yet it looks elegant, then this hairstyle is perfect for you. Slightly backcomb your hair then put a hair band creating little puff in front it can be jeweled or with flowers. You may also curl little strands of hair to give that flattering look. This style looks great with medium bob blunt hair.

Modern classic face framing hairdo

Keep your face-framing bangs untouched and twist rest of hair and pin it at the back. Remember you don’t have to do with precision the messier, the better .You can add little flowers too make the hairstyle more graceful. The oomph factor of this classic hairdo is that it is messy and yet traditional.

Whimsical hair updo

This bridal hairdo may look fanciful, but it is easiest of all. Curl your hair with the broadest wand then tease the roots, twist it and secure it with a bobby pin and apparently, you can hide that bobby pin with a statement hair accessory.

Vintage alternate curls for bob girls

If your hair is bob, then this hairstyle will make your wedding ready. Begin with side partition then curl the entire hair in alternate curls, for example- if you are winding one strand inward then curl the other strand outwards. You may also place your vintage grandma’s hair accessory to make it cuter.

Illusion of long hair updo

Usually, brides and bridesmaids with short haircut feel that there is not much option for their hairstyles and they wish to have long hair. But, the professional hairdresser knows how to create that illusion of long hair with this hair updo. This hair updo is one such example which creates an illusion of long hair. You need to brush your hair back then tease a little bit and then curl each strand between your fingers and pin it. You may also put small seasonal flowers to match up the occasion.

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