How to care for color treated hair

Everyone love coloring their hair to get instant change in their look, but as soon as they leave hair color salon, they start worrying about caring colored hair.  Well, hair does not remain same, once color is applied. The impact of color is not just limited to the upper layer of hair. It reaches deep inside the hair. Thus, in order to keep your hair healthy and to preserve the hair color, you need to make changes in your hair care routine. Then only you will be able to enjoy your amazing colored hair look for a long period of time.

Tips to help protected color treated hair

Hair coloring is not like trying a new haircut and hairstyle. When you color your hair, you actually expose your hair to chemicals. The hair coloring chemicals penetrate several layers of hair. You are required to prepare your hair for coloring in advance. And you are also required to take care of your hair after getting hair color done.

Hair care tips before coloring

Before you think about getting a new hair color make sure to prepare your hair. Chemical present in the hair color can damage the hair to a great extent. Book your hair coloring appointment when you are sure that your hair is capable of bearing the hair coloring chemicals.

Nourish your hair from deep inside. If your hair is dry or damaged, use hair oils and masks on the regular basis to provide the much needed nourishment to hair. The healthier the hair lesser the hair color damage.

Make sure that your previous hair color is ripped off from your hair. Getting new color over old color is not only damaging, but it will not provide the desired look also.

Hair care tips after coloring

In order to prevent hair damage after hair coloring, you are required to pay special attention over hair care. The chemicals present in hair color can make your hair thin and dry.

First, start using color protection shampoo. Such shampoos are amazing when it comes to preserving hair color and maintaining hair health. There are many hair color protection shampoos available on the market.

Conditioning is another important thing when it comes to protecting the color treated hair. Every hair colorist recommends using a good hair conditioner after getting hair color done. This will keep your hair moisturized and prevent hair thinning.

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