Tree Removal Services: 4 Reasons To Remove Oak Trees

The oak tree was named as America’s national tree in 2004. This is because it’s found in most homes in America. Oak trees often outlive people, and they are capable of thriving on farms and properties for generations.

While the trees are tall, sturdy, and beautiful, it comes a time when they have to come down. Since they are often large, you have to hire a tree removal services provider to help you out.

There are plenty of reasons why you might decide to bring down your beloved tree. Some of these reasons include:

Production of a lot of acorns

Acorns are the fruits from the oak tree. During the fruiting season, some trees produce a lot of acorns while others don’t. There are plenty of ways in which you can remove the acorns. You can rake the acorns, use a leaf blower, or if there are only a few of them, collect them with your hands.

When your trees are producing a lot of acorns, it can be a bother to collect all of them. In the event you decide to leave them on your yard unattended, you not only end up having a dirty yard, you also tend to attract a lot of animals such as squirrels and many others.

If you are finding the acorns too much of a bother, you should consider removing the tree. Before you remove the tree, it’s recommended that you try controlling the acorn production using chemicals or any other of your preferred methods.

If everything fails, now you should contact a tree expert to remove the oak tree.

You want to expand your home

If you are building a new property or commercial complex in an area that has an oak tree in the way, you have no way out other than to remove it. In addition to constructing a house, you might also think about installing a swimming pool, renovating the landscape, among many other things. Regardless of the construction project that you will be having, you need to get rid of the tree.

Some people try to keep the tree in place then go ahead and construct the house too close to the tree. This is unwise as the tree roots penetrate the property, damaging it in the process.

If you have to put up any building close to the oak tree, you will be better off removing it entirely.

The tree is a safety hazard

In some cases, your beloved tree can be a safety hazard to the people and property. As mentioned above, the tree tends to get large and the sheer size can be a safety hazard especially to your property.

As the tree gets old, it starts to come apart. For example, the branches might begin falling down. To protect your property and your family members, you should bring down the tree.

If you have trees that are several decades old, they tend to grow in girth blocking roadways, interrupting the power lines, among many other issues. For you to restore normalcy you have no way other than to remove the tree.

The tree is diseased

The last reason you can remove a tree is when it’s diseased. Just like any other tree, the oak tree gets infected with diseases that not only give it an ugly look, they also put it at the risk of coming down hurting your family and even damaging your property.

In some cases, if the disease is infectious, the tree might transfer it to the neighboring trees. Some diseases are treatable when you contact an arborist early enough, but if your tree is diseased past the point of no return, you have no way other than to remove it.

Tips to consider when removing an oak tree

For you to have an easy time bringing down the tree you should ensure that the work is done by an experienced tree services MD provider. You need to take your time to interview a few professionals and settle on the best one.

Before you decide to remove the tree, you should always find out if there are other ways in which you can resolve the issues. For example, if you are removing the tree due to a disease, find out whether you can treat the disease instead of removing the tree.

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