What Are The Different Types Of Heat Pumps

Usually, we witness the heat going from a hot reservoir to a cold reservoir. But a heat pump works to transfer the heat from a cold to a hot source. So, we can say that the heat pump allows you to go against nature and helps you with certain tasks. Heat pumps are widely used in homes and businesses in winter for heating. However, it is advised to do heat pump repair before the seasons arrives to have a stress-free winter.

The heat pump we use gets its power from the electricity and reverses the transfer of heat. The devices are feasible because they can provide us with a lot of energy by using a small amount of electricity.

Usually, governments around the world encourage the use of heat pumps, and it can even be tax-deductible in some regions. Here are some types of heat pumps.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps are usually used in moderate regions and they can provide energy both to businesses and homes. The heat pump unit is usually installed on one side of the building. The pump uses the air from outside and compresses it and transfers the heat through the coils made out of copper.

When you need heating from an air source heat pump, it’ll draw the heat from the outside air and the refrigerant would evaporate. When these hot refrigerant vapors reach the inside coils, it turns back into the liquid phase and provides the warmth in your home by heating the inside air.

Air source heat pumps are considered as an efficient source of heat and they can save you a lot of electricity as compared to the rest of the heat pumps.

Hybrid Heat Pumps

By the word hybrid, we mean a heat pump that’ll allow us to use another source of energy like a gas boiler. Thus, a hybrid heat pump can provide us with a constant source of heat while using less fuel. It is especially beneficial in a way that the people having gas or oil boilers don’t even need to change their radiator if they’re looking to get the hybrid heat pump installed.

Hybrid heat pumps can also be made by using more than one fuel source in the same unit. For example, the air and ground source hybrid heat pumps can provide you with higher efficiency, and they can work at a good pace at all times of the year. The hybrid pump can also change its source according to your requirements. So, when you’ll need the heat, it’ll start using the oil/gas boiler as a source, and when you need cold air, it’ll start doing the reverse operation.

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Outside air and oil/ gas aren’t the only things we can use to draw the required heat, we can also use the heat stored in ground or water to get the required heat. In the construction and assembly of ground source heat pumps, heat pipes are laid down in the ground. Since the temperature of the ground is more consistent as compared to air source heat pumps. Moreover, geothermal heat pumps are more consistent and energy-efficient as compared to air source heat pumps.

The ground source heat pumps can have both the horizontal or vertical setup. In the case of a horizontal setup, an array of pipes is laid down horizontally in the ground. On the other hand, a vertical pump setup involves making a bore and setting the parts deep into the surface of the Earth. You can also replace the ground with water.

Although ground source heat pumps are much more consistent and efficient, they need you to spend a fortune beforehand in purchasing them and then for the excavation work.

Ductless Mini Split Heat Pumps

Mini-split heat pumps are single units that can be installed and used for single rooms. These pumps have the advantage that they don’t need any ducts to operate and can be installed in small places. These are small air source heat pumps.

Absorption Heat Pumps

Absorption heat pumps use heated water as the source of heat. Usually, gas is used to heat the water and these pumps are mostly used in industrial processes. Large households also invest in this type of heat pump.

Now that you know that types of heat pumps, you can buy the one you want. And if you already have a heat pump, do get heat pump repair services Long Beach frequently to avoid issues. You can also take advice from them if you should repair it or get it replaced.

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