The Right Carpet for Allergies?

The home is the safest haven for everyone. It is where you can be yourself and it is where you find contentment in spite of all the chaos. However, there are some cases that will really trouble you and they are known to be allergies.  What may cause your allergies, even while you’re at home can just be lurking within the four corners of your comfort zone and is just waiting to attack you and your family. You don’t want that, right? If you don’t know what triggers your allergies, it is best to have an allergy testing at your nearest hospital so you can avoid them. But what if it’s your floor covers that triggers your allergies? We’re talking about your carpets and rugs.

Floor Covers and Allergies

This is what’s clear as daylight. Allergy triggering substances will always find their way inside your home no matter how spotless or how organized you are. As microscopic as they are, these allergens such as dust, pollen, mold, and other unseen microbes will be present on your floor due to gravity. They will eventually find a spot to hide and that is your carpet and rugs. Scientifically they get trapped in those areas, but every time you step on those floor covers those tiny particles will mix into the air that will then trigger your allergies. You will soon be sneezing, have watery eyes or skin itch. But this does not mean that have to get rid of your carpets and rugs or could no longer have them in your house. You will be glad to know that whether you have asthma or a certain allergy, you can still cover your floors with a carpet or a rug.

Manufactured Safe

Nowadays rugs and carpets are being manufactured using nontoxic materials to ensure the safety of every consumers’ health. Which includes allergy attacks. In the past, certain allergic reactions are being associated with rugs and carpets. Together with other known allergens, it is believed the materials on these floor covers are common places where harmful substances stay and multiply.

This time, homeowners can freely accessorize their floors with their desired carpets and rugs. Not just to make their homes inviting, but also to make sure that it is an allergy-free zone. But, still, you don’t just pick any carpets and rugs in the market. You have to be careful with the fabric and choose only those that are certified harmless.

These are the kinds of hypo-allergenic material that you have to look for when buying a carpet or rug

Synthetic Fabrics – Just like what most bags and clothes are using, polyester, as well as nylon, are great allergen repellents since they are inorganic and hostile to any weather conditions.

Nylon – Considered to be the best anti-allergic substance for both carpet and rug.

Polyester – Also one of the harmless fabric used in the market.

Go with carpet or rugs which strands are rigidly woven. This is to prevent allergic microbes to find a spot to stay.

Avoid This

Wool – As much as possible, do not choose a floor covering that has wool on it because molds and all kinds of allergy-triggering particles can easily develop on it.

Thick Area Rugs – Choose shorter strands when shopping for an area rug. Whatever the material is, the lesser the spaces that dust or pollens can thrive in, the lower the chances of allergens to develop.


Since these air dependent organisms are unseen there will still be chances for them to enter your home. But for as long as you stick with a strict maintenance procedure, then you can avoid them from feeling at home. Regularly cleaning carpets and rugs with shampoo and a deep vacuum will keep them from developing further. It is also best to purchase a vacuum that has HEPA or (high-efficiency particulate air) filter system that can easily trap bacteria and allergens.

Remember that these microorganisms will not just disappear into thin air after an intensive cleaning and vacuum. There are still more left way underneath your carpet and rug so do your cleaning process as often as possible or as frequent as you wish. Because when it comes to your family’s safety there is no right time for cleaning.

There are a lot of easy to find the best allergist Manassas VA to determine what can trigger your allergies and how you can avoid them. So by starting with a clean environment at home, you are guaranteed that your private abode is where the whole family is safe and healthy.

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