Cherry blossom wedding – A beautiful and budget-friendly wedding theme

Spring is the apt time for joy and new beginnings. Flowers and trees burst into blooms, whilst bride makes earnest plans for their special day. If you are searching for a unique and attractive theme for your wedding event, you might desire to consider cherry blossom wedding. These days, cherry blossoms, roses and tulips have emerged as extremely popular floral choices as they are admired for their beautiful blooms and for stunning spring time display.

There is factually no other flower, which signals spring as that of cherry blossoms. It is an idyllic theme for your spring wedding as it provides a pure, fresh and romantic ambience to the event. It is also an excellent choice to add some Asian accent to your grand day. However, these flowers are available only for a limited time, typically from January to April.

Symbolizing transition, fertility and beauty, these blossoms provide you a range of decorative probabilities. Start planning your wedding with inexpensive and simple ideas provided below which implement the cherry blossom theme into various aspects of your special day from wedding invitations to favors.

Things to consider

Selecting invitations – The invitations, which you opt for can incorporate your wedding theme as strongly or as subtle, based on your desire and unique style. You can choose paper for invitations which is representative of apt color palette or otherwise have delicate cherry blossoms embellishing the border of wedding invitations.

Decorating ideas – The wedding venue and reception party must both be decorated in cherry blossom event theme to have an elegant ambience. Cherry blossom centerpieces are the imperative décor item to consider. The most best in this regard are the big stylish tall centerpieces. A pretty common trend of the wedding theme is simply to decorate or adorn the tables with big branches of cherry blossom in crystal clear glass vases. Even the small cherry blossom trees can make elegant centerpieces.

Wedding favors – When it comes to wedding favors, your choice must reflect your wedding theme and your unique individual style as well. A beautiful design of cherry blossom can be added to your wedding favor bags or boxes. For Asian influenced sort of favor, you can consider fans which are printed amazingly with cherry blossom designs.

All in all, your cherry blossom theme for wedding is sure to attract your guests and provide an Asian flair to your special day. The inexpensive and stunning wedding theme is suitable for spring wedding events.

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