Raspberry for Weight Loss?

From “Rubus idaeus” also known as red raspberries, is where the Raspberry Ketone chemical came from. This chemical is more often than usually used as an option for healthy meal plans for weight loss, to boost lean body mass or for some is for the improvement of their hair growth.

The Raspberry Ketone Miracle

Science has also introduced raspberry ketone in foods, cosmetic products, and even fragrance or aroma, and sometimes as an additive course. It is also a natural ingredient added to carbonated drinks, delicacies such as ice cream and other processed food.

As mentioned on the Dr. Oz show, back in 2012 when he featured raspberry ketones and made this natural substance very famous all over the globe, this nature’s gift became phenomenal for being the “Miracle fat-burner in a bottle”.

Can it really Help You Lose Weight?

Although there is no medical or scientific proof that this organic chemical does work effectively for weight loss, still many believe that it is a “miracle” substance. Studies have been conducted in animals and/or in lab tests indicating that in some way, it can inflate metabolism. Chances that it may also affect our adiponectin, a hormone in the body is, also feasible. Then so again, when consumed by humans, there is no scientific assurance that it does help in the reduction of weight.

The fact of the matter is that people have already eaten some small percentage of raspberry ketones, either from the actual fruits or from other products that use this chemical as a flavoring component. It was just recently when this organic substance became a well-known weight loss aid.

If raspberry is derived from the fruit itself, the word ketone does not, it is actually linked to low-carbohydrate diets, that enforces the burning of fats in the body and increases our blood level. Still, raspberry ketones are completely not responsible for a low-carb diet and will not even equal to the expected results of the human body.

Any Proof?

Studies show that raspberry ketone works well with animals, such as mice and rats, but will it also work with humans? Regrettably, there is not enough scientific evidence that this compound will work well with humans in weight reduction. Therefore, the possible negative side effects of the raspberry ketone are the increase in blood pressure, the shaky feeling and the rapid pounding of the heart or palpitations.

On the positive side though, FDA recognizes raspberry ketones as a safe food additive compound. Confidently, the raspberry ketone shows evident cosmetic benefits in increasing the chances of hair growth in humans with hair loss, and too, improves healthy skin resiliency. Some research also indicates that raspberry ketone helps in lowering blood sugar level, and reduces the tendency of bleeding.

The Decision is Yours

There are so many questions about raspberry ketone diet, yet the answers are so few. This natural supplement may have shown positive results for some who have taken it as part of their weight loss regimen and to improve their metabolism, but then, for others, the effects are somewhat invincible. Maintaining a healthy, chemical-free lifestyle will actually contribute more positive benefits than what we are scientifically looking for.

Always consult your doctors’ weight loss center to be properly guided by the raspberry ketone diet or any other weight loss programs you are curious about. Although this fruit diet may give you positive results in your fat burning goal, it’s still best to consult the experts or your personal doctor about this program. In the first place, it is your health that is the main concern here and it should not be a trial and error process where you will be the one at risk in the end. Prevention is still better than cure, so we should all stay on the safe side.

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