Why all facilities need a chimney inspection?

The chimney is an inevitable part of any house, building or industrial facilities and its proper work is very important for the safety. In order to prevent the fire, you need a regular chimney inspection from chimney sweep.

Chimney requirements

Every chimney must comply with:

the chimney must be separate (one facility – one chimney);

the lower input of chimney must be “pocket” for the cleaning and inspection of the chimney;

distance from entering the chimney (tube bottom) to the bottom of the pocket should be at least 25 cm;

you must provide access to the pocket

The processes inside the chimney

The chimney soot builds up a solid product of incomplete combustion of fuel containing more than 90% of pure carbon. As a result, sublimation timber forming a creosote – resin layer on the chimney walls. In this conditions, just a sparkle can cause a fire.

Soot combustion temperature is 1100 ° C. Very few chimneys can withstand such temperatures.

Video inspection of the chimney

During the video-inspection, the entire length of the chimney is viewed from inside. Using this method, all the flaws, and irregularities of the chimney are visible: cracks, distance, and locations of filthiness. There’s also possible to make a video clip of current situation in the chimney and save it on your computer’s hard drive.

Due to the large corner of the camera view, high-resolution and infrared light, it’s possible to examine in details of the chimney up to 25 meters long.

Our experts still quite often used the video inspection of chimney cavity. Because of this, we have full information about the chimney which helps us to make a decision of a next step. This method provides the most accurate determination of what kinds of work we need to perform on the object and help us to write a good plan for the implementation of these works.

Through the use of video systems for inspection of the chimney, our specialists can identify the severe damages of the inner brick chimney walls, if chimneys made of stainless steel are properly mounted, a huge amount of soot adhering to the inner walls of the narrow chimney, and so on.

The cost of works is specified individually for each object.

In general, chimney inspection should be carried out once a year. After a conclusion about the state of the chimney, if you need the proper cleaning, you can call our chimney technician washington md.

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