How do you start planning for Bathroom remodeling?

Bathroom remodeling is a crucial part when it comes to renovate your property. Every owner try to renovate the house at least once in the lifetime. Renovation adds up to the real estate market value. This trend is followed in US as well. Average spending on home renovation is close to 1 Lakhs dollars. Internet has made things easy for consumers. Home remodeling is a $ 300 billion dollar industry. Out of the total spending’s on remodeling, bathroom remodeling stands at less than 10% according to one research report. Below mentioned are some steps involved in bathroom remodeling.

Research – The first step in bathroom remodeling is research. One can visit different types of bathroom, talk to multiple vendors, visit showrooms, study different types of tiles which are available in the market and analyze what will look best in their particular home.

Vendor selection – The second step is vendor selection. The best method of selecting a vendor is by checking the credentials of the contractor online if he is unknown. Other method is selecting a known vendor who has handled the task of bathroom remodeling for somebody that whom you know. If one has got a specific requirement then that has to be communicated to the vendor well in advance. Multiple factors like the type of projects handled, price quotation, specific skill set of contractors has to be considered while doing the vendor selection.

Remodeling can be divided into two types – Major and minor. Minor remodeling do not cost much. One can choose the vendor by understanding whether he is specialized in major or minor remodeling.

Budget – Second step is deciding on the budget. For many people deciding on the budget can be first step but some might get an estimate from multiple vendors and decide on the budget.

Properexecution – Once the contract is given to somebody then it becomes the responsibility of home owner also to inspect the work proceedings. Timely execution of project is very important. Otherwise the budget can go haywire.

Few trends that will influence the bathroom remodeling market in the near future are expectations from Gen X consumers and baby boomers. Both have different home improvement requirements. The contractors who understand the customer’s requirement thoroughly is likely to succeed. Another trend is improving economic scenario after the dip in housing market in 2008 which is an encouraging sign for contractors.

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