6 Myths And Misconceptions About Hair Extensions

Hair extensions have been the talk of the town for a variety of reasons. There are so many legends and myths surrounding this evergreen trend, and some of them are outright baseless according to salons that do hair extensions. Let’s find out the most common misconceptions about hair extensions.

Myth #1: Hair extensions do not let your natural hair grow at the same old pace

The biggest and most laughable myth is that the hair extensions work as a hurdle in the way of natural hair growth. It is an absolute misconception, and there is no reality behind it. Your natural hair and their nourishment in specific does not get affected or obstructed if you opt for the installment of extensions.

The only thing that you need to take care of is, you better not use any sulfate products. Your natural hair will continue to grow with or without extensions. Once your hair grow out of size, they will have to be dusted in order to match the size of extensions. The extensions do not tend to harm your natural hair in any aspect, otherwise.

Myth #2: Cannot survive without after-care styling products

It is yet another silly myth that needs to be busted no matter what. People think, you would need to spend lots of money to do the after-care. It does not stand true. A lot of after-care is not required for the hair-extensions. The hairstylist would extend a few suggestions to you, but in the end, it will be down to you whether to act upon the advice or not. Advice is just an advice after all, not an obligation.

You need to let your hair stay away from products having sulfate and silicon. There is no such styling product that your extensions cannot survive without. There are no must-to-have after-care products that you would be obliged to buy.

Myth #3: Extensions are likely to curse your hair

The hair extensions are not likely to leave your hair damaged or broken. People often fear, when they will finally do away with the extensions, their natural hair will not look the way they used to. They might get damaged or disfigured; they might lose their original shape or thickness, they might get thinner than before, and the list of apprehensions goes on and on.

Rest assured, whatever you heard from the grapevine does not have any truth to it. Whenever you choose to get the extensions removed, they will not be damaged or leaned. You will find your natural hair the way they have always been like.

Myth #4: Extensions would not mix with the natural hair

If you have been thinking, your natural hair will not blend with the extensions, you have not understood how it really works. People who take the hairstyling profession lightly are often seen showing no faith in extensions.

Once you get the extensions done, they would look perfectly natural, and without a shadow of doubt, they would mix well with your natural hair. Hair extensions and your natural hair are not likely to look poles apart, so to say.

Myth #5: Extra hair will burdenize you and your head might start spinning

Just because the number of your hair will increase, it might feel like a burden, will it? Well, it is just an apprehension and a silly kind of fear that you need to give no attention to. You will not feel any sort of burden carrying the extensions. The hair extensions are not too heavy to make you feel loaded or hampered. Believe it or not, the extensions will look natural, the extensions will feel natural — you will not be getting any headaches because of them.

Myth #6: The extension tracks will remain vivid and visible

If you went to a professional hair salon, and if your extensions were adjusted properly, they are not likely to be visible at any point in time. For a long series of hours, your extension tracks would remain hidden if you combed and re-adjusted them in the beginning of the day. You can keep flaunting your extensions all day long without anyone noticing them. There is no chance of natural hair getting tangled with the extensions.

The hairstyling world has progressed by leaps and bounds. Therefore, such tiny apprehensions should not be heeded and you should have faith in the hairstylist when getting hair extensions in salon Potomac. Good luck!

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