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Chimney Sweep: 3 Things To Do When Cleaning The Chimney By Yourself

You can clean the chimney by yourself or hire a chimney sweep to help you out. If you choose to clean the unit by yourself, you need to consider a number of things: Watch out for creosote Creosote is a black or dark brown tar that is deposited on the chimney walls as a result of lighting fire in the chimney. There are three types…

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Chimney Sweep: Chimney Soot Stains And How To Get Rid Of Them

The fireplace is meant to keep the house warm and you should enjoy the warmth coming from it. Unfortunately, the comfort that comes with having a fireplace can be dampened by the presence of unsightly soot discoloration of bricks and stones. Over time, soot accumulates and thickens on the masonry until there are black stains on and/or around the fireplace. Many homeowners live with the…

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Why is chimney sweeping important?

Many homeowners who have a chimney in their house still don’t know the importance of chimney sweep. It is a big misconception, that hiring chimney sweep is a total waste of money and time. But it’s not true, if not swiped regularly an untamed chimney can cause serious fire hazards. Importance of a chimney sweep From outside, your chimney might appear alright to you. But…

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