Paving stones retaining walls

There are situations where installing a paving stones retaining wall is necessary to help in your backyard or garden. Some houses are built on lots that have a sloped ground and while the house is build level the yard may need some work. Some house owners have had success with building them with pavers to make terraces or play places for their kids.

Paving stones retaining walls will help achieve this and with landscaping the hardscapes will only include to the beauty of your house. Paving stone retaining walls need to be capable to grip the weight of the ground behind it and also above it while permitting for drainage. Decorative applications can also bring character to a garden or home by building fences or seats to highlight certain points of interest of the house.

Planning stage

The primary step of designing and building your paving stone retaining wall is to figure out what the situation of the local has, soil condition, check water drainage, and the grade. All these things will be large factors in how you build your retaining wall. Be prepared by having a sketch or drawing of the design you want to achieve and to it with you when you go looking at what product to buy. Also ensure that you have your lot of pictures and blueprint from the yard from different angles so that sales person can help you select the best product.


For the design, first determine the weight and height of the wall you want to have. Due to the size terraces may be needed. There are many books with designs accessible to you. The firm where you buy your interlocking paving stones or pavers will also have designs and patterns depending on which product you buy. All of the pavers have color diagrams and different shapes to select from so that your final look is actually what is wanted.


Always ensure you build from the lowest part of your property. A trench may be needed in order to get the gravel base installed at the correct depth. The gravel will also be your leveling medium to ensure that the wall is safe. After the gravel is installed it will need to be firmed so that the wall will be installed level from one side to the other. As each layer of paving stone retaining wall is installed gravel backfill will be installed to grip your retaining wall in location.

The paving stone itself can have many different shapes. Although its contour is generally rectangular or square, triangular and circular figures can be found. There are also irregular shapes that make amazing patterns. Big pavers render an area to look broader while little ones appear more compact. The use of varying sizes can improve or depreciate the beauty of your retaining wall. Stick to a singular pattern or configuration to stop it from looking too chaotic. Paver stone lay the foundation for your garden, lawn or patio.  They also contribute hugely to its theme and subsequent mood. Pick right paving stones retaining wall contractors Port Jefferson for the full theme for your garden or landscape setting.

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