Maintenance tips for your refrigerator

The refrigerator is the most used appliance present in every kitchen and it probably consumes a large amount of energy too. Proper refrigerator maintenance can save you from refrigerator repair expenses, hefty energy bills and will also increase the life of your refrigerator.

Effective refrigerator maintenance tips

#1: Defrost: When the frost gets accumulated in the inner walls of freezer to a thickness of an inch (little more or less), remove all the food items from the fridge. Cut down the power source and let the frost melt. Once the defrost process is completed turn on the unit and let it cool to its operating temperature and the restock the food items. If your refrigerator is self-defrosting then you do not need to perform this process the refrigerator will defrost itself.

#2: Clean the interior: Using lukewarm water and a cloth clean the interior of refrigerator weekly. The main purpose of this cleaning is not only removing crumbs and stains of food from the refrigerator but performing this task weekly will let you know that your fridge is cooling properly or not. And if it is not working properly then you can call refrigerator repair technician for checking the unit to ensure its proper working in future.

#3: Clean the condenser coils: Condenser coils are the part of refrigerator, which is responsible for removing heat from the unit. These coils are like large radiators usually situated beneath or at the back of refrigerator. With time dust gets accumulated on these coils which if not cleaned can lead to costly repair expenses. To avoid such repair clean these coils twice a year.

Caring for your refrigerator

Refrigerators have some parts that demands repair from time to time. Even after careful maintenance these parts require replacement. If you ever come across such situation, please do not try to repair the machine yourself as doing this can worsen its condition. The best and only thing that you should do in such situation for refrigerator repair is, contact a well reputed refrigerator repair service. But for the repair work always select a well-known and experienced service that not only sends skilled refrigerator repair technicians to look after you appliance but also fits in your budget.

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