A guide for buying perfect area rug!

Due to different shape and size of rooms, finding the perfect handmade area oriental rugs can turn out to be a difficult task. But to help you in selecting one, below are mentioned some expert tips.

Choosing the right rug

For all the first time rug buyers, here are some tips to guide you through the whole handmade rug buying process:

#1: Do the preparation work: Before choosing a rug, take proper measurements of the room which you are planning to decorate with the rug. For this purpose you can bring the diagram of room with you while shopping, as doing this will give you the idea of border length and colors of rug to prefer for the room. But while selecting the rug, make sure that you look for both beauty and quality.

#2: Evaluate the knots: The density and fitness of knot are very important aspects for judging the quality of a rug. To check the knots push your fingers at the base of rug and feel the knots. The tighter the knots the more durable the rug will be. However, the rug knot style differs in all countries. For example, Persian rugs have asymmetrical knots while the Turkish rugs have symmetrical knotting. You also need to consider the manufacturing countries rug knot style while inspecting the knots. Along with knots also check for the wool and dye quality before purchasing the rug.

#3: Choose the right place for buying: Selecting a good store is also important in order to find a beautiful and durable rug. Always select reputed and trustable businesses for purchasing the rugs. And please do not get fooled by those season end sales and customs auctions. They just sound too good to be true and they probably are!

So, these are some easy tips to help you out in finding a good handmade rug for your place.

Bottom line: The most important consideration to make while buying handmade rugs is always selecting something that is beautiful and also offers unmatched quality, such that the rug enhance the overall look of the room and at the same time strong enough to survive daily use.


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