Eight ways to renovate your kitchen

The kitchen is an essential part of every household. Unfortunately, when it comes to remodelling our kitchen space, most of us run short of ideas. Thankfully, there are some renowned designers like Elizabeth Roberts and Steven Gambrel who can help the kitchen remodelling companies with minute details and alter their appearance completely without emptying the wallet completely. Get to know some of the expert tips of the kitchen renovation process and transform your kitchen this festive season:

Utilize the space in your kitchen:

Whatever be the area of the kitchen, it is necessary to utilise the space tactfully and adequately. According to the kitchen design experts, it should be a working triangle where the arrangement between the sink, fridge and range should form an equilateral triangle as these three facilities are used most during cooking, and these should be equidistant from each other.

Upgrade your oven:

In any kitchen, the oven is the most critical appliance without which anything is not worth. Along with stove, it is better to opt for fume hoods which would be beneficial for ventilation purposes which come in metallic forms also according to budgets.

Optimum lighting is mandatory:

Experts recommend using surface-mount fixtures that are attached to the ceiling on a grid. There are options for better illumination in these cases as the bulb height is below the ceiling height and that look beautiful.

The framing of suitable countertops:

It is better to have a 24 or 25 inches long countertop, and it should be a bit overhanging to avoid tripping food into cabinets. Countertops can be made with natural materials which looks even more beautiful.

Check the alignment of cabinets

The style of the cabinets asserts a new feel to the kitchen. Either it can be open shelves or closed door cabinets. However, an open cabinet would uphold the spirit of the kitchen making it more airy and interesting.

Stone flooring for the kitchen

Stone floorings are best suited for a remodelled kitchen. But floor long cooking hours, it is better to have wooden floors to make it more comfortable. For more sophistication, radiant tile heaters can be installed to keep the surface warm.

Installation of designer sinks

Sinks are better made broad and deep for increased utility. The most critical part of the sink is, however, the faucet. It is better to have water mixing valve attached to the faucet to get an adjustment for both hot and cold water.

A functional kitchen is meant not only to look good but also to transform the quality of your living experience. Consult the home renovation companies, or try out the simple DIY renovation ideas, which will improve the overall appearance of your kitchen and it will eventually increase the value of your property in the long run.

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