Ways to keep your kitchen clutter-free

We have all seen those neat and tidy kitchens, with no cluttering. You could hardly spot any stray spatula or even an unwanted spoon in sight. But how is that even possible? After all, a kitchen is bound to get cluttered after a little movement in and there. So what’s the magic here? Apart from that, you might also want to know how people keep their engineered stone countertops so clean and shiny.

Keeping your kitchen free from clutter

In this article, we present some rules that can keep your kitchen clutter-free and clean. To be honest, no magic could undo all the mess. Rather, you need to adopt a set of simple habits, and some discipline to follow the rules.

These include:

Store everything in a cabinet

Well, this is going to be the most obvious rule. If you want your kitchen to look neat and tidy, it is obvious that everything needs to be stored properly. In case you leave stray crockery and spoons outside on the kitchen counter, your kitchen will look rather messy.

So rather than keeping everything out in the open for quick use, store them all inside the kitchen cabinets. As we mentioned earlier, this is quite a simple habit that anyone can adopt. After all, it doesn’t cost anything at all.

Furthermore, closed cabinets rather than transparent ones are far preferable in this regard. In the case of transparent or glass cabinets, you will have to keep all your items organized even inside the cabinets (if you want to maintain a tidy look). Solid cabinets, on the other hand, allow you the convenience of storing crockery in any order you like (after all, no one can see inside).

Follow a ‘one out, one in’ rule

Everyone who manages a clutter free kitchen seems to be following another simple rule of operation. That is the ‘one out and one in’ rule. According to this rule, whenever you take one item out of the cabinet, you replace it with another item that’s already outside. Of course, the item that you put back in would be the one that you are not using on the spot.

In other words, try to adopt a minimalist approach and only let those items out that you are using at the moment. This way, you will be able to avoid the buildup of excess items. This is especially important in an outdoor kitchen, as aesthetics and looks are even more crucial in that case.

Avoid using refrigerators as art galleries

Some people like to decorate their refrigerators to the point of excess. Their refrigerators are filled with many things such as lists, photos, stickers, and magnets. While this might be useful in certain situations, it can reduce a tidy and uniform look.

To make your kitchen look less messy, try to keep your refrigerator and other appliances as they are.

Keep your countertop empty

Regardless of the countertop material, make sure that your countertop is neat and clean at all times. is because kitchen countertops are more prone to becoming messy. After all, this is where people compulsively leave behind dirty dishes, magazines, mails, and other miscellaneous life items.

So before you leave, clear off the things resting on the countertop. Usually, they say that quartz kitchen tops Potomac tend to be easier to clean. Moreover, this material is not likely to retain stains due to its smooth texture. It’s shiny texture simply allows stains to be wiped off easily, with the help of detergent.

Ending note

When we think of a clutterfree kitchen, we imagine hours of care and cleaning. However, that is certainly not true! In case you start applying the above-mentioned rules in your kitchen routine, your kitchen will stay clutter-free with the minimum struggle!

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