HVAC maintenance-what you need to know

When it comes to purchasing HVAC system, you might have proffered the best brand, best features and the best price, but the best HVAC maintenance is also required to enjoy uninterrupted services from HVAC devices. A poorly maintained HVAC can cause a lot of trouble.

Common issues that can cause HVAC failure

Some common issues which lead to the failure of the HVAC system are:

#1: Compressor failure: Many of the times the compressor of machine gets affected due to voltage fluctuations or any other issue which leads to problematic functioning of the machine.

#2: Problem in wiring: Another common defect that are commonly seen in HVAC system is loose wiring. Loose wiring may result sparking and does not allow HVAC system to start.

#3: Refrigerant leakage: Sometimes due to climatic changes or physical damage the HVAC System starts to leak the refrigerants, as a result it is unable to tame down the temperature of house.

Preventive maintenance of HVAC systems

Maintaining the outdoor unit:

#1: Regularly clean the inner cabinet of HVAC system to prevent dirt, leaves and debris collection.

#2: Once in a while check the coils, also clean if needed.

#3: Inspect the compressor and its associate tunings for damage. If you find anything fishy, call HVAC technician for the repair.

#4: Do not forget to check the base pan for restricted drain openings.

Maintaining the indoor unit:

#1: Perform a regular inspection and cleaning of blower and its assembly parts.

#2: If your HVAC system is old, then you might also need to repair or replace its fan belt in order to keep it working.

#3: If your house start to smell weird and you think that your HVAC machine is the cause behind it, then start searching for the source of such odor.

#3: Check for leaks and ductwork. Contact air conditioner technicians if you sense any sort of trouble.

#4: For proper operation keep a check on the vent system. If needed provide repair and replacement immediately.

However, it is a good idea to hire an HVAC service for inspecting your device every fall and spring. The HVAC technician will perform the task like cleaning, fixing wiring etc.

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