LED Dance Floor to Illuminate Your Wedding

Illuminate tracks are forever a hit at every dance floor rental, no matter what the style of it. The game of colors and lights will make your visitors sit in a disco and make a fun atmosphere that will definitely make your guests do not prevent dancing throughout the party.

LED dance floors

There is a big range of LED dance floors, and each one provides different characteristics and advantages. That is why it is vital that you think which one fits your wedding place, style, and your budget at best. To know what your options are we will share all the detail about the main kinds of illuminated tracks.

Shape and size

LED dance floors shape and size can be any, you can pick between rectangular, square, and also circular, it all depends on the preference of the groom and bride.

Acrylic head

It is an affordable option in the market since it does not use LEDs, that is why saving become the largest benefit of this kind of track. On the other hand, you have to be alert that having no lights you will not be capable of playing with music and colors. The Wedding DJs track is made of a base and also made of wood with special acrylics in white color that will be illuminated by the general focus of different shades that can be turned off on during the dance.

Great track with LEDs

It is the most remarkable option; it is a track that has individual LEDs and glass panels that will illuminate each panel. The LED lights work mechanically or with a particular lighting control that will get a unique effects game between the music and the track, turning off and on to the beat of the music, or doing wonderful scenes, for example, for your first dance. Definitely, your guests will never forget the light show.

Wooden path

It is one of the most advised and best options for Bollywood Djs with garden or carpet weddings, as this will not damage the carpet or grass at the time of dance. These tracks were the first ones that came on the market.


The wedding party rentals nyc DJs can be installed on any area and definitely near the swimming pools, if your wedding will be in carpet you can gain area installing the wonderful light dance floor over the water area, sure to look wonderful.

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