Cooktops Repair: 6 Of The Most Common Cooktop Problems And How To Fix them

A cooktop is a vital appliance in your kitchen, providing you with a strong source of heat to prepare your food. Cooktops repair professionals observe that just like other appliances in your kitchen, cooktops too develop a wide range of problems that you should fix for it to continue functioning optimally. The most common problems are:

Failure of the cooktop to turn on

You can’t cook with an appliance that doesn’t operate. If you have tried putting it on, but it doesn’t, you have a problem that you should fix. You will experience this problem when you haven’t plugged the appliance in the power source. Before you call a repair technician, confirm that the unit is properly plugged in. Also, check the outlet and confirm that it’s not defective.

If the outlet is working properly but the cooktop isn’t, chances are that there are issues with the internal components. Do you have the skills to fix the components? If you don’t, you should hire an electric cooktop repair technician to help you out.

Damaged electric coils

It’s common for the electric coil burners to wear out with time. If there are blisters, cracks, or bubbles on the coils, the coils are worn out. Unlike other parts of the appliance, you can’t repair the coils—you have to replace them.

When buying new coils, go for those made by a reputable company. They also should be of the right size to fit your burners. Avoid coils that are smaller than the burner as they are a safety hazard.

Cooktop creating sparks when you turn it on

A healthy cooktop shouldn’t produce sparks; therefore, if yours is, it has a problem that you should fix as soon as possible. An electric cooktop will produce sparks when the heating element is damaged. Excessive weight or temperature is usually the main cause of damage to the element.

The sparks may also be resulting from loose wire connections around the electric coil burners. You should note that the sparks are a potential source of fatal electric shock; therefore, when you notice them, you should contact a repair professional as soon as possible to help you in fixing them.

Failure of the coils to heat

For the cooktop to cook the food, the coils need to heat. If the cooktop is receiving the power, but the coils aren’t heating, you have a problem. This issue usually comes about due to loose connections between the coils and cooktop.

You don’t need professional skills to fix the coils but if you are scared, you should go ahead and hire an expert. You should remove the coils and clean them so that they can receive power.

Before you remove them, check that the coils are properly installed and there is nothing stuck between the coil element and stove. Sometimes all you need to do is to remove the blocking material and you are good to go.

This problem can also come about due to problems with the cooktops internal ignition switch which provides the action you need to heat the burners. This problem is usually complex thus you should avoid trying to fix it on your own. The best way out is to hire a factory-certified appliance repair professional to help you in fixing it.

Failure of the indicator lights to turn on

For the appliances to provide you with convenient information about the temperature settings, most of the cooktops have indicator lights. If the lights or displays don’t turn on, you have a defective control switch and you should fix it as soon as possible.

In some cases, you might be having burned-out bulbs. If this is the case, replace the bulbs and you will be good to go.

Problems adjusting the burner temperatures

One of the primary reasons why homeowners invest in electric cooktops is because they have precise temperature settings. When you are unable to adjust the temperature of the burners, you can’t take advantage of your appliance.

You are unable to adjust the temperature due to a defective infinite switch. You will also have the problem when the internal ignition switch is having problems. Regardless of the cause of the problem, you should hire an appliance repair Alexandria professional to fix it as soon as possible.

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