Talking about the DNC for the 2016 Presidential Polls

The 2016 democratic presidential polls are right around the corner, as the heat to select the right democrat for the next Presidential selection election is ebbing up. The DNC will get together next year in the month of July to select their next Presidential Candidate for the upcoming 2016 U.S elections.

The other side, Republicans, are also gathering pace in selecting their Candidate to lock horns with the DNC’s choice, and it has become certain the upcoming election will be one to watch out for.

The DNC convention will be held at the Wells Fargo centre at Philadelphia; where the party will come up with a name who will hopefully replace President Barrack Obama next year at the oval office.

The strategy for the party:

The Democratic Party is heavily relying on the fact that their strategy is simply to make sure that they at least mirror what Republicans are trying to do/or have been doing for a long time. This is of course means, along with their own strategy of reaching out to all voters; the Democrats can easily pile up the pressure on the top.

The party, which was established in the year 1794, is doing all it can lure in the big donors for the race. This is where Democrats have been clever traditionally by taking the help of various big financial institutes, and big cooperates to fund their candidates’ campaigns.

Some facts about the party:

The insignia and the icon for the party are actually a donkey. And, the icon was used by the party thanks to the famous and bizarre indecent involving then presidential candidate Andrew Jackson in the year 1828.

It is also a known that, as per a study, in numbers, most registered democrats are actually smarter than republicans! Of course, the tests were based only upon complex reasoning and coherence. This is what you can read in the political news.

Another fact about the democrats is that they believe that every single person on the planet or in America should be treated fair and very equally. In fact, they believe that migrants and women should not be look up as an object, as even they’re humans.

The candidates:

One thing is for sure; it is straight out race between Hillary Clinton (the former State Secretary and first lady of the White house), the current VP Joe Biden, and Bernie Sanders, the Jr. U.S senator from Vermont. All of this means that the DNC polls and primary polls for this year will be quite interesting to see and check out.

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