Fall Allergy – A Seasonal Alarm

Fall allergy is a seasonal allergy and it mainly occurs during the spring season. The emergence of the pollens from the ragweed and the spores from the molds, are seen as the main reason for this kind of allergies. Such kinds of allergies may affect any individual irrespective of their age. However, children and aged people are more liable to their threats. Their low immunity to these pollens may be seen as the main cause of it. Now, take a look into the symptoms that are usually cause by fall allergy.

The Symptoms One May Show When Affected By the Fall Allergy

Sneezing, though is one of the main symptom of fall allergy, there are many such symptoms that are not known by common people. This part of the article will help you to know about a few of them.

The most common symptom that you may get when affected by fall allergy is the occurrence of runny nose. The allergens mostly are inhaled through the nose causing irritation and the problem of runny nose among them.

  • Cough: Cough is the next in the symptom list. The inhalation of the fall pollens by the mouth is responsible for the cough among the affected persons.
  • Irritation in Eyes: The pollens may also cause irritation in the eyes and nose. A person, when exposed to the pollens, which is in the air, may cause his or her eyes to be exposed to them. The pollens when reaches the eyes, causes irritation to them.
  • Dark Circles under the Eyes: The constant irritation in the eyes of a person may lead to the fall of dark circles under their eyes. Though the occurrence of irritation may not be the only reason behind this but it is taken as the most important one.
  • Occurrence of Hay Fevers: Hay fever is the term that is usually used to describe the late summer allergies among individuals. Ragweed is mostly responsible for the causing of such allergies.
  • Causing Of Asthma Symptoms: The emergence of fall pollens may also cause asthma symptoms among many. The falling leaves stir the spores that add to the inconvenience. The spores when are stirred by the falling leaves, gives off more pollens in the air. This increases the amount of pollen in the air.

Thus, these few symptoms that commonly occur to the people who are allergic. The fall allergy clinic centreville va is found to be very common in such places where ragweeds are found to be grown. However, the fall allergy may also affect the people living in some distant areas.

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