How Social Media Marketing Can Increase Your Customer Base

In the past when you tried to attract new visitors to your website you needed to create quality backlinks and constantly look for forums and message boards where you could get your message out to the masses. The advent of social media websites has changed the game for many website owners. You now have the ability to get your message to potentially millions of visitors if you learn how to employ social media marketing into your daily routine. These techniques are very simple to implement and will help to drive more visitors to your website than you thought possible.

The biggest benefit of using social media marketing is that it costs you nothing but your time. These social media websites are all free to join and the exposure your products and services could receive far outweighs the small amount of time you need to set aside each day to grow your customer base. To begin your marketing campaign you must create a page on Facebook for your business. This is separate from your personal Facebook page and needs to look more professional. You will be treating this fan page like your business website. This is not the place to post pictures of cute kittens or inspirational chain letter messages, your fan page is for business and must look professional if you expect to bring in new customers.

Once you have created your Facebook fan page take time to add images about your business, including pictures or videos of your products and services. Be certain to add all your business contact information, website links and telephone numbers. Treat this page like it was an extension of your business website. Request your family and friends like your fan page so by the time you are ready to promote your business you have more than one fan. Join as many groups on Facebook that relate to your niche and be a fan of all those pages that you see. In return you will most likely receive a nice response of likes.

Now that you have your online Facebook business fan page, time to get your social media marketing campaign running. On your website install a free plugin so all your content has social media share buttons. This makes it very quick and easy for visitors to share your content. Once you have the buttons installed here is how you will begin promoting your products. Simply find any item on your website you want to promote. Like the product by clicking the share button which in turn places that product and description on your Facebook fan page automatically. Now head over to Facebook and click the share button of that new post and share it to all the groups you joined. This entire process is automated and simple to do. Now that you have your product in multiple pages, go to a few of those posts and make a comment under the post and begin to interact with anyone who commented. The interaction between you and your fans will increase your authority in your niche and the likelihood they will purchase from you.

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