What Are The Different Types of Crane Services?

Crane is a huge machine which is used to lift, lower and move heavy machinery up down and sideways respectively. A crane is a useful machine used in construction sites, for shipyards and other infrastructures. It comes in different types and forms and you can use crane rentals to rent one. Below are some types of cranes which help you understand this industry more.

Overhead Crane

This is also known as a bridge crane and as the name implies this crane offered by crane rentals is used to lift bridges. The principle of this crane is a bit complex however instead of the normal rigging services, hoists are used to lift the bridges as hoists increase the area covered by a crane and a trolley to move along the bridge.

Tower Crane

This crane is used in the construction of tall buildings. The crane is usually fixed to concrete or the ground and lifts objects from one point. The riggers complete their rigging services by attaching the respective materials onto the crane which then lifts it up to wherever it’s needed.

Mobile Crane

This type of crane usually comes with a pair of wheels at its bottom i.e. it’s a combination of a truck and crane jammed together hence providing us with mobile crane. This crane is easy for the crane rentals to provide as no specials equipment is required to carry it to the job site. It can move on its own.

Crawler Crane

A crawler crane is smaller in size than others and is used to lift cars and stuff mostly. It comes with a set of crawlers hence it moves by tracks.

Telescopic Crane

This type of crane is used in rescue operations, build signal towers and rescue boats from water. The rigging services on this one are pretty tough as it requires riggers constantly when in use. It is also said to produce loud sound.

Gantry Crane

This crane runs horizontally along the rails and comes in all sizes. Also it is known to life some very heavy loads.

Floating Cranes

This can lift up to 9000tons of weight and are used in the construction of bridges and ports. The crane rentals are always bombarded with demands of a floating crane as it can be occasionally used to lift other stuff in addition to the construction of ports and bridges.

Aerial Crane

This crane is extremely useful. It basically comprises of a huge helicopter to which the required load is attached so it can be transported to a particular place. It is also called as a sky crane and comes deeply in hand when struck by a disaster or calamity for rescue purposes.

Rail Road Crane

As the name implies, this crane is used in railway services and has wheels suitable for a railway track. These come in sizes as well, the huge ones come with operator’s cabin and other cabins as well and are known to lift quite heavy materials.

All Terrain Crane

This crane is said to have a several number of wheels than normal vehicles and can be used in rough terrain areas.

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