Spring Allergy – Precautionary Measures Need To Be Taken

Search for a reputed spring allergy clinic if sudden climactic changes have resulted in irritating health problems. Spring may well be an excellent time of the year but the seasonal change from cold brings many diseases too. Those who suffer from allergies, spring may not be the best season to enjoy. Spring allergens are practically in the air during this season. Anyone having sensitive health issues will face severe allergy problems while being exposed to dust, pet dander, mold, and pollen. However, there are quite a few effective remedies to get relieve from allergic problems.

Precautionary measures to be taken at home

While being at home, keep the windows and doors of the home closed. It may not be possible to get the home sealed off totally from the outside environment. However, try to avoid opening the windows and doors early in the morning and also during the dawn and early evening hours. Don’t fall trap to enjoy of fresh air. This will result in catching allergies. Also, during the time of dusting, never forget to wear a mask. Try to limit outdoor activities during the earliest part of the day. Remember, pollen counts are mostly high in between 5 am – 10 am. Install a good air filter. Take Vitamin C during this time of the year on a regular basis.

If problem persists

Even after taking these preventive measure, problem resumes, look for a reputed allergist Germantown. In most common scenarios, the doctor will prescribe medications like nasal steroid spray, decongestants, antihistamines, and leukotrienes inhibitors. These medicines will definitely help in blocking or reducing the allergy symptoms. And then there are situations that may just go out of control even with proper medication courses. For those scenarios, immunotherapy and allergy evaluation tests are considered to be most effective in every sense.


The Immunotherapy process helps in developing antibodies that blocks the allergic cells, thus reducing the allergic response. This ultimately helps in eliminating the allergies completely. Immunotherapy basically involves use of oral drops and shots. This therapy reduces frequent clinic visits or need to get injected.

Allergy evaluation test

Allergy evaluation test is conducted in any allergist Germantown to understand the root cause of the allergic problem. Once the specific allergens are figured out that causes the health problems, it becomes easier to get the treatment done. Determining allergies is done most commonly through RAST blood work. Using this method, blood and skin sample are examined to determine the allergies.

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