5 Useful Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips

Pool masonry contractors tell you that swimming pool is like an easy luxury but its maintenance really leaves you biting your nails.

Pool masonry

If you wish to invite pool design contractors to build a comfy and beautiful swimming pool in your backyard but you keep getting double thoughts about its maintenance then read out the tips mentioned below, all your vague thoughts will obliterate.

Swimming pool maintenance ideas

  1. Scrub and Skim Daily

The reason for scrubbing and skimming has everything to do with a swimming pool’s better and deep cleansing. It takes hardly half an hour to remove the debris off the surface of the water. If you regularly carry out this exercise, you will not have to face any algae trouble. Having algae stuck at the crook of your pool could be a hard job to do, but daily scrub will definitely make your life a lot easier and if doesn’t, call your nearest pool masonry contractors.

  1. Filter the Filter

That is right! Make sure to clean out the filter every once in a week. To do that, head over to the pool deck, take the filter cap off and pull the basket out (called filter basket). You will be surprised to see how much dirt, debris, leaves and other particulates it has. Clean out the filter and put it back again. This may affect its mechanism but to avoid it you can let your run for just 6 hours each day to maintain backyard landscaping.

  1. Accurate Chemical Levels

Always ensure the perfect balance of chemicals in your pool water. Before letting your family into the water, keep the following chemicals in check:

  1. Free chlorine protects your water from germs.
  2. To protect free chlorine, use 30-50 reading of cyanuric acid.
  3. 5-7.8 pH level must be kept to guard pool equipment and avert irritation.
  4. Total alkalinity balances pH within 60-120.
  5. Calcium Hardness keeps plaster safe, for pools especially built with vinyl. 220-350 will be enough.
  6. Once you mix all the chemicals well into the water, you will see the water becoming slightly crystal clear with no odor.
  7. Every once in a while, raise the chemical levels to kill bacteria.
  8. Absorb Oil Through Tennis Balls

Advised by pool masonry contractors, tennis balls are perfect at taking the oils off the pools. Besides being a great toy for amusement, tennis balls play a huge rule in getting rid of the oils produced by our skin and hair. Tennis balls are made up of fibers that absorb oils off the surface of water leaving it completely clean. Just throw one into the water and you will be good to go.

  1. Power Wash

Steer the pool clear of any debris or leaves and then set the power wash machine. Start by keeping it on weak and then slowly turning it into medium. Make sure to take the debris off repeatedly layer after layer. Make sure that the pool deck does not gouge. Always make sure to hire the best pool design contractors.

Make sure to take advice from pool design contractors long island every now and then for additional tips and techniques. Lagrass

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