Benefits of Commercial Ice Maker Maintenance

Only some end users understand the significance of sanitizing and cleaning their ice maker properly. Others do not even view ice as another food commodity. However, the safety and quality of each beverage they serve and the power consumption and longevity of their equipment depends on the equipment’s proper maintenance. Therefore, commercial ice maker maintenance is important.

Adding to the issue is that several technicians and contractors might not realize the significance on how to perform this task properly and how to help clients maintain the ice quality being consumed. A lot of people rush through the ice maker sanitizing and cleaning with the use of entry-level, untrained personnel to reduce the cost to their customers. In real life, they’re doing their customers a disservice through not being effective in getting rid of bacteria growth as well as scale deposits.

Below are some of the tips that will help your commercial business do thorough work when providing your ice maker the right maintenance to ensure the safety of your customers:

Clean Completely

Whenever you are cleaning an ice maker, soak, disassemble, and hand-clean as numerous components as possible. Get rid of the ice and consider sanitizing and cleaning the storage bin. Clean the machine’s underside. Every drain line and bin’s outside part. Sanitize fully with the use of quaternary ammonia. Combine some in the spray bottle and spray the surface at the service completion and let it dry on its own.

Water Filtration                               

Nothing’s more essential than the water that goes into the machine. Thus, analyze local water conditioners to know what type of filtration is required. According to recent reports, cryptosporidiosis and disease outbreaks traced back to the ice makers that caused a change in water filtration philosophy for equipment. You should also be aware that utilizing carbon filters that are used for odor and taste elimination isn’t a good solution. So, always consult your preferred local suppliers to accomplish this.

Utilize Approved Chemicals

Use chemicals for removal of scale that are only approved by the manufacturer. Several materials as well as metal surface’s plating may be damaged through improper chemicals. The plastic hoses and pieces may be cleaned and removed with stronger chemicals if needed. Always consider using hot water when combining chemical and combine these to suggested strength level.

Let Professionals Do Ice Maker Maintenance

If you don’t have a designated staff who will do the maintenance for your ice maker, you should consider hiring professionals for the job. With the help of professionals, you don’t have to teach them the step-by-step procedure. Aside from that, they are already knowledgeable of the process of maintenance and will assure that you will enjoy the best results while getting the most of your investment. But, it’s only made possible if you hire the right expert for the job.

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