Can A Broken Glass Cooktop Be Repaired

Glass cooktops have become an essential part of our kitchens. They look great, and they can help you cook your meals perfectly. The shiny and non-sticky surface of glass cooktops allow you to easily clean the surface and get rid of any spilling. While glass cooktops work perfectly in many kitchens, they are definitely prone to scratches and even cracks in the long run for which you may need to call in an appliance repair service.

So, as an owner of a glass cooktop, you should know how to repair smaller and larger scratches and cracks on your cooktop as they appear. In this article, we will mention some of the best ways you can use to clean glass cooktop in your kitchen.

Cleaning Stains

If your cooktop is just suffering from some stains and burns, you can easily get rid of this by cleaning the cooktop thoroughly. There are lots of dedicated cleaners for this specific purpose which you can easily buy in stores.

Chemical cleaners allow you to easily scrape off any buildup material on the cooktop, and can help restore its original shine quickly. These chemicals also leave behind a thin layer of protection to keep your cooktop safe from rust and burns in the long run.

For Small Scratches

If there are small scratches on the cooktop, you should clean the cooktop thoroughly before dealing with the scratches. There are also many types of kits available in the market which you can use for small cracks.

After cleaning the cooktop, make sure that the cooktop gets properly dry.

The next step is using any scratch fixing solution on the scratches according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer. These repair kits can also easily bear high temperatures. So, you’re perfectly safe when using a fixer for the treatment of scratches on your cooktop.

After applying the solution, you should let it dry. Keep reapplying the solution until the area is completely filled. Now use a sanding paper to sand the area properly to smoothen it perfectly. Using a soft cloth to clean the area after application will clean the surface.

Ideally, the application should be left to dry for at least a day before you can start using the cooktop again.

For Deeper Cracks

If your cooktop has deep cracks on its surface, then a serious fixing method must be applied to fix the issue. Ideally, bigger cracks might be an indication that you need to change the cooktop. This is because the fast heating process of the cooktop can be dangerous for your cooking process.

This is a more detailed and lengthy process, so, make sure that you have disconnected all the power supplies of the cooktop before starting. Doing this will help you avoid getting electrocuted.

  • Now, take out the guide which came with your cooktop to locate the screws in the cooktop, and carefully remove them one by one. You can also get the cooktop guide online if you’ve lost the original manual. You can use the model number of the cooktop for this purpose.
  • Now locate the burner box and start removing its screws. This box is responsible for holding the glass of the cooktop. After removing all the screws, you should be able to easily pick up the glass from its original position.
  • After removing the old, cracked glass, you can replace it with new glass. To get the same glass as the one you removed, you can contact the manufacturer of your cooktop. You should also label the wires before removing them for easily connecting them back afterwards.
  • Once the new glass is set in place, you can connect the new wires, and screw it firmly in place. Make sure that you reconnect all the wires correctly before turning the cooktop back on.

Fixing The Burner

Glass cooktops are really useful appliances in modern kitchens, but they are prone to getting damaged easily.

You can get various different types of fixing kits to fix things like burns, stains, chips and even deeper cracks. However, if the cooktop gets cracked too much, you’ll have to replace the whole cooktop glass to restore it.

You can browse popular online shopping websites, or your local hardware stores for these repairing supplies or get cooktops repair Alexandria services to fix it.

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