A Clear And Simple Commercial Kitchen Maintenance Checklist

Maintaining your kitchen goes hand in hand with ensuring efficient food production. Unfortunately, many restaurant kitchens end up in a state of disarray as a result of not following the proper schedules for commercial refrigerator repairs and other appliances. Do not make the same mistake. Follow the steps below.

Make Sure That All The Burners Are Clean And Working Correctly

The burners in any commercial kitchen are its most important tool, as without them, you simply cannot cook food. This is why it is important to keep them neat and clean, and free from any blockage in the nozzles, so that you can ensure a uniform flame and constant heat supply to any utensil.

Grease The Gas Valve Knobs On A Regular Basis For Ease Of Switching

The burners, as well as other appliances in the kitchen like commercial ovens, fryers, gridles all come with knobs to moderate the gas supply in steps and control the heat transfer. If this breaks or becomes blocked due to friction, your kitchen output will suffer.

Use A Degreaser To Get Rid Of Grease And Soils

With so much grease used for cooking food on a daily basis in commercial kitchens, a lot of it gets embedded onto places that are difficult to clean. That is where you use degreasers.

Check That All Thermostat Operated Appliances Are Working Properly

Maintaining the right temperature is imperative for cooking food perfectly, and as a cook, you need to make sure that the temperature you see on the thermostat is what you get.

Check For Any Gas Leaks And Take Care Of Them On A Prompt Basis

A gas leak can be lethal in a commercial kitchen with so many flames, combustible chemicals as well as explosive dust all around. Always make sure to check that the gas supply is properly shut off before you leave for the day.

Extract Dirty Oil From Fryers And Griddles Regularly

One of the worst things that a restaurant can do is to keep reusing the same oil even after it has run out of its cookability. Discard the used oil on a regular basis, and keep the commercial fryers clean before loading it again.

Keep All The Gaskets, Hinges And Other Moving Parts Always Lubricated

The knobs on burners and ovens are not the only thing that need greasing. Other things like door hinges from where the food will constantly be taken out of the kitchen, also needs to be in top order.

Check For Any Faults In The Electrical Wires, Sockets And Connections

Just like gas leaks, electrical hazards also pose a serious security hazard in a kitchen environment and you should make sure that there is no chance of such a thing happening.

Calibrate All Measuring Devices Regularly To Ensure Proper Reading

Measuring devices are also very important in a commercial kitchen as they ensure that the exact amount of ingredient is added to any recipe. Any less or more may even ruin the dish altogether, and as a restaurant owner, that is the last thing you want.

Clean The Filter On The Dishwasher After Every 15 To 20 Cycles

Do not exert your dishwashing equipment with more than it can handle. Replace the filter after the prescribed number of cycles to ensure ideal operation.

Ensure All Drains Are Clean And Functioning As Intended

Commercial kitchens generate a lot of waste, and unless your sewerage and disposal is working as intended, things will pile up real quick creating an undesirable mess.

By keeping your commercial kitchen in top order at all times, you will not only be able to improve efficiency of the line chefs, thus reducing preparation times, which in turn translates to more satisfied customers, you can also ensure a more hygienic working environment, and tastier food.

On the other hand, skimping on common maintenance practices will reduce throughput, and in severe cases, even put the survival of your restaurant at risk due to non-compliance of safety standards as well as unhygienic working conditions in an area where food is prepared. Do not take kitchen maintenance lightly and hire commercial appliances repair Alexandria services. The advantages of following through with the above checklist are plenty, and so are the drawbacks that come from not heeding this advice. Make the right call for both yourself and your customer’s wellbeing.

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