Pros And Cons Of Stone Veneer Siding

Nowadays, veneer siding has become popular around the globe. There are some important things which you should know about before going to a stone veneer contractor. This guide will help you know better about veneer siding and its pros and cons.

Stone Veneer Siding

It is a sort of decorative and protective covering used for interior and exterior walls of a home. Though people opt for many other options in this regard, veneer siding provides a more natural look to the walls and the overall appearance of walls improves.

Initially stone was used in veneer siding but now other materials are also added. However, it should be borne in mind that veneer siding is more expensive than other siding options available these days. However, some people prefer veneer siding, while others prefer cheaper options.

Pros of Stone Veneer Siding

Some of the advantages of veneer siding are discussed below.

Variety And Design

There is no doubt that veneer siding is popular for its design and patterns. It offers a more beautiful look and appearance to the walls. It has been noted that other options look artificial. But the veneer siding provides a natural look to the walls. Moreover, it is compatible with all sorts of designs and architecture which make it a hot choice among the users.

It Is Lightweight

When it comes to wall siding, weight of the material matters a lot. The reason is that heavy weight material makes it hard to position them at the right place. However, stone veneer siding is quite lightweight which makes it easy to install it. It also reduces the extra work and allows you to install siding in a very short period of time.

Offers Durability

It has already been said that various materials are used in order to make veneer siding. This makes veneer siding more durable than other siding options and materials. Further, the experts opine that perfect installation, selection of the right tools and no mistakes during installation will increase lifespan of the veneer siding. This will ultimately benefit you in the long run.

It Is Very Authentic

In addition, veneer siding provides a perfect look and formidable appearance to your walls. People who have used veneer siding are of the view that it can give you house looks of Medieval castles. This is for sure the impressive thing which attracts a large number of people towards veneer siding.

Cons Of Stone Veneer Siding

After talking about the advantages of veneer siding, now the disadvantages or issues with veneer siding will be discussed.

Poor Installation

One of the most serious issues with veneer siding is that the installation may not go as planned. And when veneer siding installation goes wrong, the whole thing might be ruined. Many people try this on their own and end up with disasters. Therefore, you need to take care in this regard. Always hire the professionals when it comes to veneer siding installation.

Exposure To Certain Elements

Another possible drawback of veneer siding is its exposure to certain elements and weather conditions. Why is this an issue? The reason is that when veneer siding is exposed to some elements, its appearance is ruined. The colors, overall look and style deteriorates with the passage of time. This discourages some people to go for veneer siding.

Not Best For Pools

According to some masonry professionals who install the veneer manufactured siding reveal that this cannot be the best option for swimming pools. The reason is that chlorine used in the pool water can react with the veneer products leading to color issues. You may notice discoloration. Therefore, you should consider this factor.

It Is An Expensive Option

Without an iota of doubt, veneer siding is reported to be an expensive option as compared to other choices in this regard. Cost is a problem for many people nowadays. It has been seen that many of you can set a fixed amount for using veneer siding. But its cost can be more than your budget. So you should also take into account this factor.


Veneer siding is popular these days. However, it comes with certain pros and cons. You should consider these factors and also ask masonry contractors Long Island if it is a good update for your house.

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