What Is The Best Time For AC Repair? What You Should Repair?

Having an air conditioner is a necessity in the current weather, and therefore if you haven’t had your unit repaired recently from HVAC contractors, you may be in a pinch. Here is what you should consider to save yourself from such a situation.

An Important Tip When It Comes to Air Conditioner Operation

In most places, an air conditioner is something that only comes to use during the hot summer months. For the rest of the year, the unit stays non-operational (if it’s an AC – HVAC units are used in winter too) and as a result, dust and dirt get ample time to settle in, not to mention, the refrigerant might dry up and evaporate. This is why it is often suggested to turn on your air conditioner once in a while to keep it in running condition. This will also help diagnose any issues your unit may be developing, so they can be taken care of right at the start.

Make Sure to Get That Repair Done Before Summer

When summer rolls around, there is no time to get yourself embroiled in getting air conditioner repairs and maintenance as there is an immediate need for cool air. This is why it is important to resolve any repair matters before the hot weather is here in full force.

Ensure That Your Thermostat Is in Working Order

A lot of the times, it is not the air conditioner itself that needs repair, but the thermostat. What is that you may ask? It is the very sensor that tells the air conditioner what the current temperature in the room is, so that it can regulate its working accordingly. So you can assume what would happen if the thermostat provides your air conditioner with the wrong or no temperature reading at all.

See to It That There Is Nothing Hindering the Drainage

Another thing to make sure before you start using your air conditioner in the summers is to make sure that the drainage pipes are completely clear of any obstruction. And while you are at it, do also make sure that the moisture collected drains outside and is clear from any electrical connections as water coming into contact with the same can result in short circuits.

Get All the Fuses and Breakers Checked and Replaced

While we are on the subject of short circuits, modern air conditioners are equipped with built in protection against such mishaps, both internally as well as externally. They protect the equipment from surges and make sure the unit only draws as much current as it needs. The main components responsible for ensuring this are the breakers located on the outside of the unit, and the fuses, which are usually internal. When you seek an HVAC repair service, the technician will make sure that these components are in perfect working condition.

Be Sure to Apply Anti Corrosive to The Evaporator Coils

The evaporator coils are one of the most crucial parts of an air conditioner system as they are responsible for heat exchange, necessary to take the heat out of the room and send the air back after cooling it. If the coils are subjected to corrosion, they can crack and leak the refrigerant present inside. As a result, your air conditioner will cease to work. This is why the evaporator coils are treated with anti-corrosive chemicals whenever the unit goes for repair or servicing. You can also do the same by yourself from time to time by spraying some WD-40 onto the coils.

Many people believe that a repair is something that you only get when something stops working. That may be true for some other appliances, but when it comes to an air conditioner, the earlier an issue is detected, the better it is not only from a financial standpoint, as AC repairs can get pretty costly, but also for maintaining the overall lifespan of your unit. So, if you feel like your AC is not performing up to par, do not wait. Contact your local AC repair services Fairfax and get a visit scheduled at the earliest possible convenience. Remember, the better you care for your equipment, the better it will serve you in the long run. This means regular repairs will save you money as you won’t require frequent replacements.

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