Fireplace Inserts give Significant Benefits

Fireplace inserts are an attractive and cost efficient substitute for traditional wood stove insert recommended by fireplace contractor or gas burning masonry types. Besides having a big range of styles to select from that will fit any budget, you will keep on energy and maintenance costs. Here are just some of the advantages.

Better energy efficiency and cuts heating costs

Traditional techniques that burn through an open hearth pulls much of the heated air back into the fire. This means it will burn quicker and at a much lower temperature, making it incompetent for heating the place. Inserts have a sealed, airtight door that permits the gas or wood to burn slower and at a superior temperature. Their full efficiency ranges from 70% to 80%, depending on the kind, which makes this a much more cost-friendly technique of heating your house.

Also, the way these models are installed gives additional power savings. The insulation that surrounds the equipment permits less heat to escape during chill weather and keeps the chill air inside in the warm summer months. The sealed doors stop cold drafts blowing down your chimney from coming into your house.

Best for the environment

Fireplace inserts generate less smoke and lower emissions of bad gasses that are caused by other kinds of heating equipment. The traditional technique generates an average of forty grams of smoke per hour, matched to the one gram of smoke per hour that an insert generates. The pellet burning and wood burning models also use renewable fuel sources. The carbon footprint generated by burning wood in this appliance is no different than wood burning in the outdoors.


If you ever need to remodel or rebuild your traditional fireplace, you may be in for major costs for the labor and materials, depending on the size of your chimney and neighboring walls. Since the insert is self-contained part of the equipment that slides directly into the heart opening, repairs do not generally affect the rest of the room. This means fewer problems for you and fewer costs for maintenance and repairs.

Design options

No issue what style home you have, there is a range of design and spec options for fireplace inserts. Consider how you will need to vent the exhaust, depending on your existing chimney location and design. Ventless heating models are accessible if required.

You can select for the equipment to be flush with the wall or spread out from the hearth. Remember that heat will be distributed from the tool itself, so the heart place should help support the inserts capability to radiate heat from the room instead of the chimney brick repair columbia md and exhaust piping.

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