Effective Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Well balanced diet plans go a long way in helping people facing obesity tackle it efficiently. The confusing part is when people sit down to decide what to exclude from their rapid weight loss diet because they start making concessions for fatty things they like to eat, which is certainly not acceptable.

The plan outlined henceforth is one to help you start off your effective diet plan. For your convenience, we have only added a breakfast, lunch and dinner plan — and light snacks between these times should pose no problems. This is to help you identify what an effective diet plan aimed to help you in losing weight should look like.


Breakfast: Egg white omelet with hash browns, fresh berries (not frozen) and a cup of tea.

Lunch: Thousand island salad, Grilled chicken/turkey sandwich.

Dinner: Vegetable burger on a whole-wheat bun with peppers.


The very first thing to understand is that in such a plan, if you are looking to have snacks in between the eating routine, you are free to do so provided that the snacks are light such as fat free pop-corn or fruits such as pears.

Another important thing that should be noted is that any element that can contribute to you consuming more fat than needed has been excluded. The yolk of the egg, using red meat as replacement for white, and using a white standard burger bun can all contribute to you consuming more fat than you would like considering you are on a diet.

This is essentially the key to establishing a rapid weight loss diet; understanding what contributes to the fat that’s increasing in your body. Naturally, if you do not exercise or live an active life, then even such a diet will be rendered useless. However, if you keep your lifestyle balanced, this will go along superbly.

What for Tomorrow?

The example plan given above is for you to understand what counts as healthier food when you are on a diet. Having white meat over red meat will help, but you can keep one day of the week where you can have red meat.

Similarly, tea can be replaced by hot cocoa or long blacks depending on what you seem to be craving. Being on a diet does not mean that your personal preferences and wants as an individual are disregarded.

If you are an individual who would rather have his/her plan laid out before the day starts, then it may not be a bad idea to follow the many diet plans available on the internet, but sometimes following such plans for long can make them seem boring, and that can act as a factor that might demotivating you from continuing a healthier routine.

So what you should take away from this is that diet plans are not binding in terms of what exactly to eat, but they are binding when it comes to the category of food you plan on having, because ignoring that factor will not bring about the rapid weight loss diet you were looking for.

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