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Five benefits of decorative rugs for your home

In general, most of us use carpets or area rugs to conceal or laminate a damage or hard surface on the floor. But, the benefits of the traditional rugs can go beyond the style and decorative functions, and this is probably why it has enjoyed popularity among the homeowners for ages. If you are planning to transform your living space, consider the option of purchasing…

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A Consumer’s Guide to purchase Oriental rug

If you are searching for something special and unique to put on your floor, you can easily select area oriental rugs. Oriental rugs are actually flat woven fabric which has been hand-crafted in the Middle or Far East including India, China, Afghanistan, Nepal, Tibet, Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, some places of old Soviet Union territories, north African nations. The rugs from these places are considered as…

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A guide for buying perfect area rug!

Due to different shape and size of rooms, finding the perfect handmade area oriental rugs can turn out to be a difficult task. But to help you in selecting one, below are mentioned some expert tips. Choosing the right rug For all the first time rug buyers, here are some tips to guide you through the whole handmade rug buying process: #1: Do the preparation…

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