How To Perform Sewer Line Cleaning

Minor sewer clogs if left untreated can progress into major ones which then require professional help from sewer cleaning companies after causing lots of damage. Below are some sewer line cleaning tips that you can follow as soon as you notice something unusual.

Figure Out the Actual Location of the Clog

The first and the foremost step in cleaning the sewer line is to find the location from where the trouble has aroused. Sewer problems occur when the pipelines have been obstructed by debris and dirt due to which the wastewater finds it difficult to make its way to the main pipe. Sometimes, because of a clog in the sewer line, wastewater is pushed back up into the pipe which then spills out of the drain and floods the floor with dirty water. So, as soon as you notice drain water spreading on the floor or slow draining of water, start your search for the location of clog so that you can unblock it and make the way clear for the water to flow.

Use video inspection technique for a detailed view of the sewer pipes which along with locating the exact position of the clog, also determines the inner condition of the pipes.

Use Sewer Cleaning Chemicals

Another way of cleaning the sewer lines is by using drain cleaning chemicals. You can find a wide variety of different kinds of chemical cleaners in the market. Some of the chemical cleaners are:

  • Expanding foam – When it is poured down the drain, it expands, becomes foam and starts to push the dirt forward which unclogs the pipe.
  • Copper sulfate – This chemical is highly effective in removing the tree roots accumulated into the sewer lines. You would need to flush the copper sulfate liquid a few times to make sure that the pipe has been cleaned completely. Copper sulfate is however known to be unsafe for some septic systems.

Mostly flushable chemical cleaners are advised to use by the experts.

Use Machines

There are various machines used to clean different types of clogs in sewer lines. If you have the knowledge of using those machines then try them to clean your sewer lines otherwise, call over pros from sewer services as they know perfectly how to clean the drain lines. These sewer cleaning machines include; camera inspection tools, electrical augers, hydro jets etc. Proper use of these machines can remove debris permanently and make sewer lines function efficiently for a long time. However, improper handling can cause damage to the sewer pipes so it is recommended to let the experts do this job.

Flush Boiling Water

Usually, in colder days, grease starts to build up into the sewer line which ultimately results in making a hard clog. Due to this grease clog, several drain issues arise. So, if you encounter sewer problems in winter season then the first and the easiest thing you can do is boil a pot of water and flush it down. If the water starts to flow down the drain easily after this then your issue has been solved but if not, then understand that grease is not causing a clog and you need to try something else. For detailed inspection and cleaning you can call over drain cleaning or rooter services.

Contact the Pros

Last but not least, if you tried every possible thing to get rid of sewer problems but none of them worked then there must be something that is beyond your efforts and require professional help. Contact the best sewer cleaning service and get the issue resolved completely.

3 Tips To Prevent Sewer Problems

Dirt and debris don’t get build up in the sewer lines on their own, it is most of the time homeowner’s carelessness which then creates a bigger issue which requires expensive services. However, there are many ways through which you can prevent the sewer lines to get clogged in the first place such as:

  1. Install food traps in the sink to prevent food waste from getting into the drainpipes.
  2. Never flush any sort of debris down the drains of the toilet.
  3. Get your sewer lines checked by rooter services from time to time to prevent major issues.

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