Are plantation shutters best for your window?

Plantation shutters are the best for covering the windows. They are cheap and long lasting as compared to drapes and curtains. Despite being inexpensive plantation shutter installation increases the value of your home.

Plantations shutters are a great addition to any home, they are not just beautiful but also last with your home till the end. Thus, plantation shutter installation is a one time investment, which provide long term benefits.

Plantation shutters are the best

Plantation shutters nowadays come in various colors and louver styles. You can select the shutter type you like but while choosing plantation shutter for your home keep the following things in mind.

#1: The shutters that you choose do not rot stain or decompose due to environmental conditions.

#2: Let proper amount of air and light enter and leave the room.

#3: Make sure that the louvers of the shutter are adjustable.

#4: The color of window shutter is permanent, it is not stainable.

#5: Provide proper ventilation, does not damp the room or make it too hot.

#6: Are durable and easy to maintain.

#7: Have perfect finish, does not have any unfinished corner or nail poking out of it which may harm children in the house.

#8: Are lightweight and easy to install, can be easily removed if needed.

So, these are some basic things that you should look for while installing plantation shutters in your house. Plantation shutters undoubtedly look good, but in order to bring out the functionality and beauty they hold, it is important to keep the above mentioned things in mind.

Decorating room with plantation shutters

For decorating your room, one of the best things you can do is change your window covering. Shifting from normal window treatments to plantation shutters, can instantly beautify your room. Varied styles and colors of plantation shutters are available in the market. You can select the one that goes with your place’s color theme and interior.

However, if you consult with a shutter contractor, your work of selecting and installing the shutters will be cut to half. As the contractor will perform the following task on his own. Hence, makes the shutters installation easy.

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