5 Tips for RV Maintenance

Performing regular maintenance on your RV (recreational vehicle) is a great way of keeping it in good condition and avoiding expensive rv repair. RV is a big vehicle and so its maintenance needs are also big. An RV requires 5 times more maintenance than a normal four-wheeler. Also, RV maintenance is not a onetime process. In order to keep your motorhome in smooth-running condition, you should follow the RV maintenance routine on the regular basis.

Checklist for RV Maintenance

Regular maintenance will not only keep your recreational vehicle in good condition but also increases its life span. A well maintained RV doubles the fun of road trip. On the other hand, an unmaintained RV spoils the road trip fun. So, before you head up for your next road trip, check out the below mentioned RV Maintenance tips:

Check Tire pressure of your RV

By maintaining a proper tire pressure, you can avoid tire wear and obtain fuel efficiency. Too much or too little tire pressure can abrade your tire at faster pace. To know the correct inflation levels for RV tires, it will be helpful to recognize the weight distribution of packed RV. The ideal tire pressure for front-axel and rear-axel tire may vary as per the weight distribution.

Change motor oil when needed

Keep check on motor and transmission oil of your RV to ensure the performance and longevity. Each recreational vehicle has distinctive features which can affect how often the oil will required to be changed. However, you should oil change motor oil after every 3,000 miles and transmission oil in every 2 year.

Inspect the Air Conditioner

Air conditioner is one of the most important components of your RV. You should keep a close eye on air conditioner. If you will not pay attention over air conditioner maintenance, it will demand expensive repair later.

Service the Generator

No mater you are using a new generator or old one, generator serving is important for RV maintenance. Check out the gas stabilizer of RV generator for any defect.

Take RV to RV service center

Professional RV servicing is the most important part of RV maintenance. Thus, you should take your RV to rv service center for proper servicing.

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