Understanding back pain management techniques

When your back is hurt immediately you run to your primary-care physician. Back pain is a common disease well known to a physicians, though he may not be a back pain specialist. There are many tope of doctors who are considered as pain management doctors.

Different categories

Physiatrists: These are group of doctors usually find at spine centers. These doctors prescribe oral medications or non surgical approach for managing pain. Spinal injections or nerve blocks are used by them for relieving their patients from pain.

Anesthesiologist: These are a group of doctors associated with orthopedic and spine specialist. Their service is essential for conducting various surgeries as administering local or general anesthesia is necessary for carrying out surgical procedures. They also help in pain management by prescribing oral medications or injections.

Physical therapist: These are a group of doctors engaged in providing structured exercise program for various muscles and tissues and to make them function normally. Some physical therapists have undergone additional training for matters related to spine and they know some special exercises for spine.

Chiropractors: These are persons engaged in the manipulation of spine and its muscles so that the pain of the patient is relieved.  You will have to visit him several times for getting improvements to your conditions.  Sometimes he teaches special exercises to be performed at home.

Surgeons: There are a special group of surgeons named orthopedic and spine specialist who is specially trained in treating spine and managing pain related to spine. Surgery is resorted to only when other traditional procedures are helpless in giving any recovery.

Multi-specialty groups

When your primary care physician finds it difficult for him to manage the problem or pain related to spine, he may refer you to multispecialty groups where there will be a lot of pain management doctors like back pain specialist, chiropractic doctors, physical therapist etc. Here the medial history of the patient is studied in detail and after group consultation the best and the most suitable approach for each patient is decided.

Anatomy:  Until some problem arises nobody is bothered about the anatomy of your back or spine or the importance of an best orthopedic doctor. Knowledge of the anatomy will help you to understand the reasons for the formation of the pain and the need and usefulness of each exercises and procedures you are going to be subjected to. First thing to understand is that there are muscles in your back and when you try to lift something heavy they are at work. By lifting heavy weight in incorrect posture most problems like sprain, spasm etc are occurring.

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