Are spicy foods good for treating cold?

Spicy food and cold go in a parallel manner and this is the reason spice enriched foods are strongly recommended as that can prevent cold and flu. These foods are the perfect treatment for dealing cold congestions and thus can reduce cold sufferings to a great extent.

Some of the commonest spices that have been proved as the most effective ones for treating cold symptoms are miso, hot peppers and others. These spices can be consumed in different forms like soups, curries, fries and many more. You might feel a bit of burning sensation initially but that is not harmful at all.

Why spicy dishes are good for cold?

  • Your taste buds might get highly interrupted as a result of cold and flu and these taste buds can be effectively stimulated by the intake of spicy foods. You can get back your taste sensation instantly after having these foods during cold.
  • The germs of flu can be killed by spicy dishes and this is one of the leading reasons for the intake of these foods during cough and cold.
  • If you have got severe throat ache, then that can also be effectively treated by these foods.
  • Congestion relief can also be gained by the consumption of these foods as a result of which unwanted breathing trouble can be eliminated.

List of spices that can relief cold symptoms

  • Garlic: This spice has got the highest capability of fighting different kinds of infectious elements and toxic elements causing flue and cold. Damages from free radicals can also be prevented in a better way by having this spice. It also plats the most important role of decongestant.
  • Cayenne pepper: It is most well known as one of the best pain relievers. Thus if you have developed painful throat due to severe cold, then nothing can be the best option other than using this spice in your food. Flu symptoms can be effectively dealt by this spice and this it is strongly recommended by the doctors.
  • Horseradish: This spice is equipped with a lot of potential antioxidant properties as a result of which it can be treated as the antibiotic ailment for cold, cough and flu. It also caters great taste to your food and on the other hand you can also get innumerable health benefits. In fact, it increases the cold fighting power of the patients.

So these are cold relief foods, which can naturally cure your ailment.

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